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Leaning Scentless

While picking up the week's grub the other day, I stumbled on the Safeway brand Witch Hazel and picked it up at its retardedly low price.

Having just gotten past the "first blush" stage of my re-introduction to full bore wet shaving, I have equipped myself with a pretty good stash. (From a semi-wet Williams with Atra campaign to a Shavette, an EJ DE89, several soaps, one cream, a couple of aftershaves, etc)

I love the scent of Arlington (but kind of cringe at the cost and its really short scent life). It does not seem to help with the aftermath of bad technique too much, either.

I like the smell of Musgo Real pretty well but tire of it lasting into the night. It also purports to have medicinal stuff in it but it hasn't helped too much with some of the nasties that I got from poor technique and bad luck.

So, I tried Safeway. Stings very slightly and has no scent to speak of (might have a little but I'm a pipe smoker). Takes care of all the weepers, nicks and ingrown bumpies. Costs next to nothing. Alcohol, water and witch hazel.

If you are like me and care mostly about being clean, what more could you ask for?

- John
I haven't gone totally scentless, but I've definitely moved low end. Aqua Velva or Clubman. When I want a scentless AS, I've been using a stockpile of samples of Shiseido "Auslese" that I had. I finally ran out of them and I want to pick up a full bottle--probably costs about six or seven bucks a bottle in Japan.
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