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Wohooo we have a full count. This means that the PIF is officially closed. I will be doing the drawing shortly. Please stand by and good luck everyone!
Let the drawing begin..........


and the winner is................ number 8, which is @Brad P!
Congratulations @Brad P you are the winner of the Leaf Twig!
PM to you will be sent shortly.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway.
Hi, just curious: do these require a special SE blade or can you just split a DE blade in half?

You can buy half-blades such as Perma-Sharp (they are good). Or you can just use any DE blade snapped in half. The trick is to "fold" the blade in half while it is still wrapped in the paper. You should get a clean break without holding the blade directly.
Wow, a long, busy day and when I checked in to this site... Just WOW. I'm thrilled! Special thanks to Boris (@blethenstrom) for this most generous offer! It is something that has appealed to me for a few years now. I'm sure I will like it. Thanks too, to all of the "well-wishers" after the drawing! This is a great community with some truly fantastic folks. 😉
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