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    I am not entirely sure where to post this, as the Leaf doesn't fit into any shaving paradigm. It uses half DE blades, and you can shave with it using one blade, two blades, or three blades. It tilts like a cartridge razor, or OneBlade, and seems to shave it the same way. After watching some videos, I decided that the Leaf was interesting, versatile, in my price range, and just a real cool looking instrument.

    One thing that does surprise me about the Leaf is how little buzz it is getting. It is out of kickstarter, so I figure it's kosher to chat about it in the forums, but forum and web searches don't reveal much info. A razor that can use every DE blade that I could want, that promises a OneBlade experience that can be customized from one, two, or three levels of aggression with one, two, or three blades ought to generate some talk.

    Has anyone here used this razor? What are your thoughts?
  1. Very interesting. I have not heard of this one. Thanks!
  2. Here's a look at the Leaf razor.

  3. I really resent you posting this. Damn, now I've got another thing to complicate my life. Thanks for posting this!
  4. Reminds me a little of a Gillette Guard on steroids :w00t:
  5. And the ability to choose the blade that works best for you in it. You don't have to buy half blades, taking your favorite DE blade while still in the package and snapping it lengthwise in half would also work. Definitely an interesting concept. On the higher end of average for razor cost. I remember looking at it awhile back, but for some reason decided against getting it. I think the head seemed big to me, and I worry about if the blades would flex at all while shaving. I'll definitely wait on reviews for this one.
  6. I have one and enjoyed using it a few times. I think it's a great alternative to cartridges and capable of delivering good shaves. My only knock on it is that I found the tension when pivoting to be a little too soft.
  7. Agree wholeheartedly with the vid. One poster described it as a Guard on steroids. Oddly, based upon recommendations here and elsewhere, I tried the Guard. Nirvana!!! I bought a hundred of 'em. Then, I received my Leaf at the beginning of February. I asked myself why I just bought a hundred Guards. The Leaf has ended my quest for a close, irritation-free shave. I, too, appreciate innovation and the Leaf is that, and more. Don't hesitate, just buy it!
  8. What color did you buy?
  9. I got the black one.
  10. I can't believe you fellas.

    I saw these about a year ago when they were starting out, and I laughed it off as being too ridiculous to ever be accepted by those of us interested in the return to "traditional shaving". It looks like an April fools joke, an exaggerated cart razor that we are supposed to be running away from in droves. I'm still laughing!

  11. I'm glad you guys are enjoying the Leaf. If you get great irritation free shaves then you have indeed found the razor for you. I'll stick to my SE's as more than one blade does not work for me.
  12. Do you laugh at the OneBlade guys here at the forum?
  13. Daily, Prius drivers too!
  14. The thing about the Leaf Razor is you can make it shave like a cartridge, or a OneBlade. You can use Feather blades, Personna Lab Blue, Voshkhod, or whatever your favorite DE blade is. It can be mild, or aggressive. It may become a historic novelty of this time like an Autostrop, the next big thing, or something in between. At the very least, it's a pretty work of modern art to have in the shave den.
  15. I have just had my first shave with the Leaf, and yes... it's all that!

    To use this razor, you pretty much have to throw out the fixed blade rule book. Pressure is good to use as you drag the blade(s) across your face. Irritation free, weeper free BBS is easy. The blades that come with the Leaf are rebranded Personna (Red) Platinum, but for this first shave I went for the staple Astra Platinums. I did load a Personna Red in the twig, the detail edger companion to the Leaf.

    For less than a quarter of the price for the OneBlade Genesis, or for a little more than for the Core, I got the shave I expected from those while having my choice of blades. I'm pretty happy with this purchase today!

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  16. Darn! I did NOT need to hear that. ;-)
  17. Same.
  18. 3rd shave today, this time with a single Feather edge in the mid aggressive position:

    2 weepers, an outright cut, and BBS. In other words, a typical Feather shave in any other razor than my Feather AS D2 razor.

    My takeaway from this is that the Leaf is great as a single blade single edge razor, and a Feather DE blade still demands respect when using it. The problem here is the Leaf doesn't want your respect! [​IMG] You have to mash the Leaf to your face, and with an Astra blade, it's a thing of beauty. Well... a thing of beauty to me.

    Tomorrow, I will use the other half, the fresh half of the Feather blade, in the mild slot. I suspect that it will be perfect there. We shall see!

    I can see this razor performing to perfection with a Feather in the mild slot, and Astra in the mid slot, and a Derby in the aggressive slot. Well... if you're into that sort of thing! [​IMG]
  19. Day 4:

    Feather blade in the mild position is too mild. Way too mild! I question how much of a factor this slot is on my shave. After 2 passes, I put the previous day's Feather back into the mid position, and ended with another good... not as great as previously... shave. I am thinking that Feather is not my blade for this razor, which already comes with blades that suit it better.

    Tomorrow I will use my favorite blade... Gillette Silver Blue.

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