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Leaf Razor vs Twig Razor by Leaf Shave

Leaf Razor vs Twig Razor by Leaf Shave

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Hey people so Leaf Razor vs Twig Razor by Leaf Shave, which do you prefer?

I'm finding it hard to pick which one I like better tbh
I only have the Twig and I like it. Very smooth. Not a BBS razor but you will get a shave as good as any cartridge for a fraction of the cost.
which blades you used with the twig?

you need to try out the leaf shave, its amazing too
Neither is great. If you like carts (a lot) get the leaf. Twig doesn't shave very well for me, for some reason not close enough and burning.....might be the blades I have used.... precut from a....n and a nacet
As with any razor, YMMV. My experiences with my recently obtained Leaf Twig are very positive. BBS in my case and a very smooth ride using a Gillette silver blue blade. Due to its ergonomics I can easily reach and shave my trouble spots (nose and chin) and absolutely no nicks or irritation. I am about to rotate some different blades in the twig and am curious what differences I will notice.
has anyone actually found a blade that doesnt work well in the leaf or twig razors?

honestly i'd be surprised as imo i reckon most blades even those on the lower scales or sharpness and smoothness would still do the job in these razors tbh
the more I use the leaf and twig razor the more I dislike the leaf razor and love the twig razor

For example I just shaved about 10-15 days worth of growth roughly and the leaf razor clogs up easily if you've got thick coarse hair like me imo,

twig just chops the hair off in one less passes compared to the leaf which is ironic as the leaf has three astra sp blades and the twig just the one asking astra blade

I know some people rate the leaf and I intially did but the more I use it the more it kinda feels like a cartridge razor, maybe I'm just too used to safety de/se razors? Im not sure tbh YMMV
10-15 days is a ton of hair that will clog any multi-blade system. Besides "boring," how does the Leaf work for you with only a few days growth? I had the opportunity to try a Leaf for the first time last week, and I was quite pleased with its efficiency. Very smooth cue ball result, but I rarely go beyond 2 days.
I know that @saj1985 wears a beard and shaves the head. My comment is limited to using the Leaf on the head, not face shaving.

I have not used a Twig or Thorn, but I have used a classic Schick injector for face shaving. Compared to the Leaf, I would find the single blade injector not efficient enough for the rounded dome.
I have a Twig and it’s almost too easy. I’ve only used a handful of blades in it and all of them have worked well. I see the Leaf as a completely different animal only tangentially related. I can’t imagine it feels or functions anything like the Twig.
I use them both, Leaf for the 3 pass and then the twig for under the nose.
I have very coarse beard growth, and love these razors. If I use any other single blade razor regardless the setting on a fatboy,
I get the razor burn bad. I have tried so many ways to avoid it but they always leave me
with the 'red' neck on the way to work. I never have this issue with the Leaf.
Newbie to safety razors. Seeking a razor for head shaves. Seems I'm going round in circles. Research comes up with LEAF as the easiest head-shave. No blood & little skill or concentration needed. But not cheap. Several threads espousing the LEAF are often swamped with declarations that the TWIG is the preferred goto for head-shaving for many rather than the LEAF.
Now i don't know what box to tick on the order form. Comments plz.
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