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Leaf Razor Review

So this was interesting:

It's a cool thing. I wouldn't replace any of my razors with this...there's no artifice to it, you don't have to be good at shaving. You just wipe whiskers off your face. I think I was at 3 days, and I got a 2 pass DFS with this thing. I looked at the no name brand blades it comes with and even though P said they were fine I loaded it up with some Gillette Platinums and went at it.

It's pretty smooth. Is it the best razor ever? No.

Is it on par with some of my less aggressive razors? Yes.

This would be comparable to the Razorock SLOC when finished...the DFS is a little bit less compared to the SLOC (and could probably improve with practice), but still acceptable. I have a weird section in front of my right ear and under the right side of my jaw where the hair is nuts, just grows in all directions, and even using the Blackbird I have to buff that quite a bit to grab a BBS. This thing couldn't do that, it's still a bit rough there but I always save that area for last and I was done; hell with it, I'll clean it up tomorrow or whatever.

I WILL say that going ATG on my neck was a straight pleasure...whereas most of the time I'm being VERY careful especially using the BB, this was just nothing. No worries whatsoever, just whipped it all over the place.

Would I use this? Yeah, for a rush job or whatever....I'd take it on vacation or something, just for times when I didn't want to bother being careful...cause you don't have to be. I actually sort of tried to cut myself with this applying pressure and couldn't.

Is it worth the money? Not to me.

To her? Hell yeah. For a little over $100 she got this razor, 50 full blades, the stand and a blade bank. She also got one of the best shaves of her life yesterday, and didn't take any more time doing it than she would have using a cart. She loves how smooth it is, how her legs feel afterwards etc...no issues shaving anything else either which I know she was concerned about. Only thing she's not stoked on is the weight; it's metal, not plastic like her carts. I haven't done the research, but it's probably zamak, meaning she's gonna be pissed when it breaks lol.

I'd recommend this to women that aren't sure about going full DE...it's a damn good shave using good blades in a form factor they're used to. I'd also recommend it to guys that are used to carts and don't have time for DE/straight shaving as this is could be a furiously fast great shave once you're used to it.

All in all I'm glad I tried it.

Aventus day again, just because Milksteak....TDR awesome, Fine perfect as usual, Wickham is a really good balm that's not greasy, and just slightly more forward in scent than either the Sellout or the Platinum. I smell like Aventus, but it'll be gone in an hour or so and that's cool.

9/10 cause I'd wanted to use the Blackbird but I did it FOR SCIENCE AND YOU GUYS


The Aussie Basshole
Thanks for the review. It is an interesting razor for sure. Would I cough up the money for one... I don’t know. A little pricey for me but an interesting looking razor all the same.
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