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Le Père Lucien interview article (google translated)

I stumbled across this French article and thought I would share it. Perhaps someone has already found and posted this. Nevertheless, here it is again. I ran the text through google translate and there were some spots where they called him "her," so I corrected the mistakes. Here is the original article: http://lejournaldeleco.fr/le-pere-l...isanal-dargenty-parti-a-la-conquete-du-monde/


Father Lucien: the handmade soap success story of Argenty out to conquer the world.

Cyril Lelégard, a chemical engineer, a follower of the traditional shaving, wanted to develop his soap shaving and share with the network of fans like him. In less than two years, Father Lucien, his mark, is exported to eleven countries.
One day in December 2012 Cyril Lelégard, disappointed in market products, decided to manufacture a shaving soap. Develop a soap when you're a chemical engineer who spent 12 years in a pharmaceutical laboratory, the bet does not seem too risky. After thirteen drafts he finally reaches the result. But all in all, Cyril will not stop there. "I offered samples to members of the Friends rasagetraditionnel.com forum. The success was immediate. It was at that moment that I realized the potential of the product. "

The path is found, the story of Father Lucien begins. Cyril Lelégard delves into legislation, founded his company on 1 June 2013, chooses the auto-entrepreneur status, files its mark Father Lucien.

Who is this character? "This is my grandfather, Lucien Lelégard. My brand its name, packaging his portrait. He was an elegant man, always dressed who was shaving the old way. In this business, I do not and never will believe. That would be to betray his memory and his image. " The foundations are laid. For this young designer does not intend to be limited to only making a shaving soap. He then embarks on the development of a complete range of shaving products, face care and body.

In this spirit of respect for family tradition, Cyril offers Gisele, his mother, to develop her home in Cransac in Aveyron, a toilet soap line of body products and fragrances to compose soaps. He is dedicated to the male end brand: barber's soap, after shave lotion, care oil beard ... Natasha, a friend doctor of pharmacy, supervises and validates the cosmetic formulations.

At Father Lucien, customers also are a natural part of the family. "We use only natural products, no synthetic product, insists Cyril. I definitely want to keep this tradition of authentic artisanal manufacturing. On the other hand, even if Father Lucien grows, I will always be available to my clients. They call me for advice, I remain faithful to the forum, we exchange, I have them about my research, my extension work ".
In less than two years without compromising on these founding principles dear to his heart, Father Lucien found 25 distributors and is sold in France of course, but also in the United States, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Spain and now extends to the Russian market, South Korean and Indian. "I live a fairy tale, says Cyril. I take pleasure in doing what I do. I reach € 16,000 turnover on the last 6 months, I am still growing with development ideas. I open an account by summer online store to maintain this close with my clients. For now, I operate lean. I have several options: hire or outsource a part of my production. I'm thinking. Resellers to approach him exclusive contracts or conducting limited editions. Everything is possible, answers Cyril Lelégard. And if a competitor offered to repurchase the brand: "Sell Father Lucien? I will never sell my grandfather! "
That was a great read, nice to hear a small business doing well in such a short period of time. Thanks for translating the interview.
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