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le Coq adjustable

I just got this le Coq adjustable $le Coq in box.JPG and tried it this morning. Great shaver, very smooth and used at 4 setting (5 max). It breaks down differently than the Progress/Megress
$le Coq broken down.JPG
but it has some interesting markings on the underside of the baseplate
$underside of head.jpg

Does anyone know the approximate age/date of this razor? I've google'd and not found any real answers except "old"
Also, does anyone have a clue to the markings in the third picture (some kind of trademark and the letters "S.G.D.G."

Great razor but I'd like to know more about it.
What little I've found is that it's French (obviously) and the name is NOT vulgar but means **** as in Rooster and apparently the company went out of business some years ago.
my guess is 30's, maybe early 40's...
S.G.D.G. is some kind of government disclaimer (like our "don't put this object in your mouth") - you see it on Leresche and Apollo too.
Bebe is close to the meaning of S.G.D.G. It's a French phrase generally means patented without state guarantee. Don't know that Apollo razors would have it as they're German made although they may have the German equivalent.
Yes, very rare. This model and one that operates the same way but is not lined in the handle. Would be very interested in how you think it shaves. I am still looking for one as I collect adjustable razors and should have the lined Le Coq in the collection. PM me with the shave if you don't do it here, please and thank you in advance. Congratulations on getting this one.
I still maintain that this is the next non-gillette razor that will trample $1000 in an open auction. I think an Essor would with ease, but there are like none of those. As far as I'm concerned, you got it cheap.
Shaves great! Very smooth and no weepers at all. Finish is in pretty good shape and the only negative (slight one at that ) is the bottom dial doesn't zero correctly but is 1 setting past zero. Still easy to use and set where I want, though.
Alex2623 shows 2 pictures of very similar razors but with different cases. My case is the leather one but the number dial is silver, not brass/gold/? as Alex shows in the white cased razor.
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