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Lazy shaving -- using Proraso cream without a brush

I wouldn't use the Proraso brushless, but I do with Arko and Palmolive cream because the cream is more suited to it. You know when you've missed a bit (usually on the chin line) and don't want to repeat your shaving routine? On those occasions I use a touch of cream and the razor, and get excellent results. I am considering trying it for a complete shave.
I only use non lathering or clear "creams" when edging a beard, with a shavette. And interestingly my #1 choice when doing this is the Menen Electric Preshave stuff...... good for these limited shaves
I've used Proraso without a brush before and it worked, but it was not as enjoyable as taking my time to build a good lather with a brush. It's like eating a non-aged steak versus an aged steak. Sure, the non-aged one will still be edible and even enjoyable, but a well-aged steak is a thing of beauty.
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