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Lazy shaving -- using Proraso cream without a brush

It's now been over 6 years since I started using double edge razors. At first I used a brush and soap, and Proraso pre-shave. Then I tried the Proraso shaving cream and found that I liked it (especially the cool menthol or eucalyptus variant -- feels great on my skin). So, I stopped using the soap, and instead used the brush to create a lather from the cream.

One day, when I was in a hurry, I decided to see if the Proraso cream would work if I just applied it directly to my face (kind of like using Cremo), rather than using the brush. To my surprise it worked very well.

Do many people just apply the cream directly rather than use a brush?
Doesn't Proraso leave your hands slippery when you pick up the razor? I've found even the lather sticks to the hand when washing after my first pass!
For several months, I have not used a brush to apply the cream soap. I prefer to use exclusively cream soap rather than solid soap for shaving. The results are excellent and especially since the fact of applying the cream by hand gives a thin foam which does not clog the razor. One try will convince you.
Doesn't Proraso leave your hands slippery when you pick up the razor? I've found even the lather sticks to the hand when washing after my first pass!
My current razor has good knurling on the handle, so that isn't a problem for me now. A razor that I used to use had a smooth handle, and yes, it could get slippery.
I'm just not into creams applied by hand. There's just no good way for me to get an even coating and I don't like how it feels slimy rather than slick. It seems like it would be convenient to use it that you at though.
Even the card box says it can be use brushless, shaving brush can save your product much longer. There’s a non-aerosol shaving gel available for quick shave. Any cream can be used without the brush.
I use the Proraso soaps with a brush quite often , but when I use the cream in green , I never use a brush .. works just fine that way for me ..


I'm a Lumberjack.
I found Proraso cream when I was transitioning off carts and can foam. Initially I used it brushless until I discovered the brush. Thereafter I use a brush but it certainly works brushless.
I usually do what the directions say or imply to do: brush lather or hand application. I have the old-fashioned belief that 9 times out of 9 no one know a product better than its manufacturer. After all, they do have a strongly vested interest in your satisfaction and in your repeat business.
Always use brushes …don’t think I’ve ever aside from shave gel and foam…not used a brush …fluffs it out nicely
For brushless creams, I use Cremo, which is surprisingly good if you get the amount right. I never used Proraso in that fashion as I believe it requires air to form a cushion for shaving. However, I may give it a try just as an experiment.
No doubt it works in a pinch but I agree with others in that it truly takes little effort to produce quality lather with any kind of brush. Whipping it up also releases all its wonderful scent and mentholated properties. It's a nicer experience.
When I first started DE shaving I bought Proraso green cream just for this reason. Unfortunately I wasn’t happy with the results so I bought a brush and things went much better.
9 times out of 10 I shave in the shower. Just apply Proraso by hand. New England winters, man. Don't want to get out of the shower and then shave.
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