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Lavender shave soap Help !

Looking for a good Lavender shave soap. Must be in puck Form.
It will be going in a vintage Bakelite shave bowl. No glycerin base or Creams wanted.

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I would suggest Fine Accoutrements Lavender Pour Homme.

Most of the other Lavender options I know of are in tubs/tins already & might be harder to mess with, although they are really fantastic soaps:
-B&M Reserve Lavender
-Declaration Grooming Champs de Lavande
-Midnight & Two Provence
-WSP True Lavender; Lavenderwood
I second Fine Lavender pour Homme, though it's not a straight up Lavender. There is more going on in Fine but Lavender is the dominant note. Mike's Hungarian Lavender is a pure lavender and is available as a square puck, but it's soft enough to reshape (something like modeling clay in consistency)

Both soap bases are excellent. You won't find either lacking in any department.
Looking hard but Undecided it’s Between Mike’s And Fine.
I might get Both. Lol Thanks all.

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I really enjoy DR Harris Lavender. It is a mild and pure lavender. It is a hard milled puck. I make it fit an Old Spice Mug by shredding it with a cheese grater. DR Harris is a tallow based soap that lathers well and has great slickness.
D.R. Harris Lavender is good and many of the recommendations above in addition to the following:

Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge (Fine soap/splash based on this scent)
CRSW Lavish - BST boards
WhollyKaw Lav Sublime
Thank you all for great input.
I have looked at all your Suggestions and Decided to Try the Fine lavender pour Homme shave soap.

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