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Latigo Strops Available Now! International Shipping Update Too

Tony Miller

Latigo strops are available now! I will be listing some Black Latigo strops very soon. This is the same, soft, smooth, medium / light draw Latigo I used for the Pass Around / Give Away strop in 2019. It is the same black Latigo I use for my caps and handles but occasionally I get a really nice hide worthy of making complete strops from, not just trim pieces. They will be limited to about a dozen piece right now but any time I get a suitable hide I will try and offer them again. Kind of hit and miss with what the tannery sends now day.

This is USA tanned, Wickett & Craig Latigo and has a soft surface temper, is flexible and with what many have described as a light/medium "creamy" draw. Nice stuff!

I will also be offering my 3" Genuine Flax Linen as a stand alone, linen only strop with either a D-Ring grip or a handle of black latigo to match my other strops. Can also do them with my older brown "fast bridle" trim to match my earlier strops.

Flax Linen strops should be up in a day or so, Black latigo (LISTED NOW) shortly after.

NOTE: Right now international shipping seems to be an issue for the US Postal Service. Many shipping options to Australia, New Zealand and other countries are not available and my storefront will not allow checkout to these countries. I have also had packages returned to me that were headed that direction with the note "Service Suspended". USPS has also made it very difficult for me to recover postage costs on those packages so I have been refunding out of pocket. Canada seems to be okay but unsure on other countries other than the known issues with New Zealand and Australia. Not great news for the upcoming holiday gift giving season and those wanting one of my strops.

Thanks guys!

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