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Lather - post up your favorite brush with a head of lather

Busted out the 34c today. I’ve used it maybe four times since I bought it. Each time the best I’ve been able to get is DFS. With every other razor I can get BBS (easier with some than others), but not this one, no matter how much I touch up. Don’t know if it’s something about the blade gap, blade angle, something else? I don’t know, but I just can’t justify having it in the rotation when literally every other razor I own gives me amazing shaves. Don’t want to PIF it, though. My Merkurs are like my children. Might make it a dedicated camping razor or something.

EBD13353-B9A5-4E69-A421-381EDC31C03B.jpeg A609ABA9-A26D-436F-ABE8-A6066BCCE399.jpeg
The Simpsons thread got me all fired up about my Simpsons. Used my IoM TT this morning. Haven’t used it in a while. Was reminded why I love it.

I do wish I could get better pictures. I just can’t seem to be able to do justice to the incredible lather I’m getting from face lathering.

BC108097-2EBC-44AC-9576-D87046CC5237.jpeg 1A1F3E69-1DAB-44B6-ADBD-BA5B289FF248.jpeg
Soap Catie's Bubbles Ocean Grove
Brush Yaqi 24mm Atlantis New & 1st Use
Nice enough soap. Mild pleasant scent but creamy and slick lather. This new synthetic brush is different. The bristles are not as soft and it feels stiffer...more back-bone more scritches. I like it...at least it's different from other Yaqi synthetics.
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