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Lather - post up your favorite brush with a head of lather

Murphy & McNeil Green Man Fougére. This is another soap I haven’t used in a while because I wasn’t getting great results in a bowl. Lathered on my face this time and it was *awesome*. So rich, creamy, and ultra slick. I think I’m totally sold on face lathering almost exclusively. It seems to be far more forgiving, results-wise.

The Simpsons Special is becoming a favorite for face lathering.

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I bought a Wee Scott a while ago, just for the heck of it. Wasn't even planning on using it as a travel brush, because I have a nice travel brush setup. I was curious more than anything else, and it was on sale. Finally decided to try using it today. It worked a lot better than I expected, and it was nice having precise control over where I put the lather. The drawback is that it took way longer to get the lather to the consistency I wanted as compared to larger brushes.

It's a cool little brush. I might use it once in a while just for fun, but I don't see it being in my regular rotation.

Soap was Soapy Science Tiny Pirate. I get consistently superior shaves with this soap. It's definitely on my short list. If you've never tried Soapy Science, I highly recommend it.

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