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Lather - post up your favorite brush with a head of lather

Soap Margaritas in the Arctic
Brush Yaqi 26mm Mysterious Space Tuxedo
Marvelously good lather from the soap. Boozy pleasant scent, really cold sensation, creamily thick and slick....love it for our hot weather!! The intense cold from the soap, ice water & the witchhazel...wow...marvelous experience!
Soap Stirling Iced Pineapple New & 1st Use
Yaqi 24mm Green Mink
Amazingly nice bold fizzy pineapple scent from the soap. Good 5.5 scent strength from the tub and throughout the shave...so good I almost wanna swallow some...hahaha, :D The lather was thick, creamy, very cooling with ok slickness. Aftershave was great and able to match the soap.
Soap Stirling Haverford
Brush Yaqi 26mm Rainbow
Awesomely aromatic tobaccoish/cigarish scent from this soap. Good strength too. The lather was very good...thickly creamy and slick, excellent...!!! Combined with the matching AS balm...I am able to enjoy the lovely aromatic scent for a good many hours...
I had already shaven but couldn't wait to play with the synthetic so lathered a go just for fun:


Just playing with the dry brush, the tips are velvety, lathering didn't seem to be much of a chore.. so far so good? It seems to release lather better when using painting strokes on my hand. It is a -heavy- brush relatively speaking. Could feel a glue bump but not sure how that will feel on the face.
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