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  1. That would be what you want. The jaws in the video are pin jaws, they’re just not smooth. I’ve seen them before in vids but never for sale for Nova chucks. Nice find.
  2. No idea who makes them?
  3. No idea, but as far as I know only Sorby jaws have the same bolt pattern as Nova, and their pin jaws are dovetailed too. Jaws aren’t interchangeable across brands, the chuck makers want you to buy their products, not a competitors. It’s a bonus that Sorby jaws will work on Nova chucks, but definitely not the norm.
  4. The picture posted is made by nova
  5. I think he meant the one in the video
  6. I did yeah. Never seen that jaw set before.
  7. Leave a comment for the video asking what jaws/chuck he uses.
  8. I completely missed that video
  9. @CigarSmoka quick question, I understand why you don't like the ix collet because it doesn't always run true, but what is the issue with drilling the hole and then shaping/truing it up on the collet vs doing everything off the chuck and turning it to finish just the bottom? If this makes sense
  10. The collet covers the top of the cup, so that part has to be turned and finished before putting it on the collet. If it doesn’t run true afterwards you’ll never be able to fix it. That’s another reason I especially dislike an IX collet for wood handles. I only use a CA finish, which is best done at one time, although it doesn’t matter as much with acrylic or if doing a wipe on polyurethane finish off the lathe. A threaded mandrel only goes inside the cup which allows you to apply CA to the entire handle. I thread the handle on the mandrel, remove it and coat the inside of the cup and the threads with thin CA and allow to dry before putting it back on the mandrel.
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    So I have been using a round nose 3/8 skew that I made and have been having some nice results
    The skew ,anyone else have a skew that they prefer? Mine is a RS oval 3/4
  13. I actually reshaped one of my skews a few days ago to be round nose and i'm really appreciating it. I've been starting coves with a gouge and then getting the finer curves finished with the skew. Results seem to be more predictable than when i was doing most of the coves with a gouge, i often found that i was removing to much material or flattening a curve that i wanted to be continuous. I suspect my turning is improving as well.

    I believe it's around a half inch but is probably metric so likely 10mm or so, not sure of the brand for that one but i am using a few Sorby tools at the moment.
  14. Most of the time I prefer the Sorby 3/4” oval skew too. If I’m cutting very dense, hard wood I switch to my Sorby 1” standard with about a 35 degree grind. I think the combination of short bevel (compared to the one on the oval) and being bigger/heavier makes it more stable on the really hard stuff.
  15. I checked mine today. Its a Sorby 1/2 inch / 13mm. I don't have a bigger gouge at the moment.

    I also don't have a sharpening jig so my bevels and cutting angles are all set freestyle on the grinding stone. It's a bit of a mess and a waste of metal, will be corrected soon.

    I checked with Nova regarding that black pin jaw set. They said they no longer make a pin jaw without a dove tail so i believe the only option i have for a jaw set sans dovetail is the Hurricane jaw sets.
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    Would the VIPER 2 CHUCK jaws fit the nova 2 chuck if so I have found stepped jaws step 1 goes from 18mm to 42mm stet 2 36mm to 60mm
  17. As far as I know only Sorby jaws fit Nova Chucks, truthfully I doubt it. If they allow returns you could always order them and find out for sure.
  18. I just bit the bullet and ordered the Nova pin jaw set mostly due to availability and compatibility concerns. The dovetail is around 5mm i believe, so there's still 10mm of parallel jaw to grip in my average knot hole. This will be 10mm more than i'm working with at the moment.
  19. Just got a bottle stopper mandrel. Night and day difference

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