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Latest Paracord Projects

August West

Moderator Emeritus
Those are great. We used to call it 550 cord? Is that the same stuff? Never saw the pink stuff before. Where did you get it?


Moderator Emeritus
Outstanding link. Great stuff. That site is now bookmarked on my computer.
Be careful of that site. Whenever I go there I end up buying about six things I didn't know I needed. I literally just had to stop myself buying a remote control quad copter. It's nuts.
That is an interesting Whozeewhatzit, Tony. But to be polite I should call it a Dr. Whozeewhatzit.

I was at Michaels arts and craft store looking for fly tying materials and came across a large color selection of 550 cord. I didn't know I needed it until then. The color choices were overwhelming, so I just bought black.
A man can never have too much rope.
Interesting Art Form. Kind of a " New Trench Art ". My daughter is in middle school and learned to use the cord in a lunch time survival club. Interesting.
Sorry, guys, but being new to the G.O. Forum, I'm having fun looking back and reviving these old threads! I'll admit I don't know much about paracords, but this thread has me wanting to explore. As I'm fond of knitting, I'm sure these paracord creations would be just the thing to bring a bit of masculinity back into my hobbies.
Nothing fancy, but I make bracelets all the time for people. Here's mine in my two favorite colors, three if you count the clasp.
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