Latest & Greatest in 2019 ?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by alohakid, Jul 10, 2019.

    Haven't been following for a while and was wondering what's the latest & greatest in creams, soaps , brushes and razors in the fast paced world of wet shaving these days .
  1. You did not mention how long you have been on sabbatical--- however, I guess an invasion of good, cheap synthetic brushes from Asia is significant.
  2. Welcome back!

    IMO the biggest change is arrival of many new high-quality artisan soap soaps! :a14::a14:
  3. Titanium has become the material of choice for high end DE and SE razors (I'm not sure why). There have been a few nice SE razors released which use Artist Club-type blades in recent times.
  4. I second the synthetic brush explosion. Personally i don’t really get it.
  5. The new generation synthetic brushes give excellent performance at bargain prices.
  6. Seconded.
  7. Not just synthetic, though. All grades of badger, as well.
  8. Quality of synths is now very high, in some cases they are ridiculously cheap as well. High end badger brushes basically don't exist anymore imo. There is lots of 'two band' sold but I think it's dyed and not remotely like the old stuff.
    Lots and lots and lots of artisan soaps. They have a lot of fans.
    Artisanal DE razors. Very high quality (and prices). DE's are one area where I think most guys can definitely upgrade compared to ten years ago. The new soaps and brushes are great but no better than older stuff imo.
  9. No really new but the chemically and heavily bleached badger (aka Manchurian, high mountain) is the latest hype $$$

    The latest generation of synthetics hairs is brilliant such as the Blackwolf and Tuxedo knots
  10. It’s more durable than the alternatives and doesn’t weigh as much as a bowling ball like SS.
  11. Sorry, but that's simply not true. What about:

    - Simpsons
    - Declaration
    - Paladin
    - Shavemac
    - Black Eagle
    - Varlet
    - Morris & Forndran

    These are all considered to be "high end".

    What I noticed, is all kinds of "new, best" razors popping up at ridiculous prices, like the Carbon ($299 originally), or don't even exist yet, but do already have a hefty price tag like the Janus ($500).

    Seems only because the prices for Wolfman razors spiral out of control, everybody tries to manufacture some piece of stainless steel for $200+. Not a good trend...
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  12. The Grooming Dept pre shave has been a game changer for most who have tried it.
  13. Simpson's and shavemac are still making hand tied brushes in the traditional way. They're dev high end 'makers'. What I was getting at was the quality of the badger hair. I don't think the really high quality hair is available anymore, hence the proliferation of the bleached two band.
  14. I agree. I have bought a couple and find them quite enjoyable to use. :001_tongu

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