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    [MENTION=52377]buca3152[/MENTION] was raving about a new strop and sent me this sample material. I've been using it in place of my Kanoyama linen for a good while now and am thoroughly impressed! It has what appears to be a cotton sub material and a PVC-like surface. Yes, it is louder than loud but man has it taken my edges to another level!

    $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1449701535.121439.jpg $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1449701560.954493.jpg
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  1. ....and where does one acquire said magic stropping material? Pray tell.
  2. Honestly, I don't know his handle on B&B (He is here as far as I know). He's one of our extended 'local' NYC group - from NOLA! :tongue_sm
  3. Here ya go! The material is superior to any clth material Ive ever used, kanayama, as well as 6 or so vintage waxed flax linen I have. Its well worth it IMO. You have to decide! I believe its a 2 ft minimum but its very reasonable. [email protected] No affiliation btw! I liked it so much I ordered 40 ft for giveaways to some pals! I think your gonna LOVE it!
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  4. 2' of that 40 is mine all mine! :thumbup1:
  5. I just sent an email to get the details, thanks!
  6. Great! Best cloth I ever used easily! And for cheap! If and when you get it keep us posted!
  7. Looking forward to checking it out. I will definitely report back.
  8. Yup - definitely bumps the keenness up a notch! I grabbed a brass grommet set from the local hardware that worked very nicely.
  9. Thank you! I've seen you speak about this material in a few threads. I'll have to order some on payday.
  10. I've tried about 9-10 different types of PVC-type webbings, and maybe 5-6 different types of Nylon webbing.
    None of them did a damn thing for any edge I put on them. Tha'ts felt or seen.
    A faux (or hybrid) jute webbing I got from Bali did do something, but it wasn't good. Had natural fibers in it that I think mighta been hemp.

    But, well - you know - that's just me and 40-50 tests. Anything is possible I guess.
    Now I wish I didn't throw that stuff out - prob 300 yd total... coulda sold it to the FB crowd. Lol.
  11. Ignorance is trashing something before you tried it. How can you possibly know its no good? ANd Im sure 200 laps on diamond spray is far superior? It works and I have heard great reviews from people I know and trust. And I have to believe my own eyes. Its far superior IMO to any number of vintage linen and firehose strop I have used. And its cheap. Less than a small bottle of diamond spray.
  12. I have found that vintage firehose varies from piece to piece. How does the material in question here compare to the "linen" component on the current Illinois strops? From the photos, it looks quite similar.
  13. Any word back from bigeasytools on what the material is and how to go about getting some?
  14. I have 2' of it. tried it hanging and on a paddle.. Doesn't work for me, but YMMV...
  15. Agree. I absolutely love mine!
  16. Linen alĂ  'flax', 'vintage', etc. is a different kettle of fish. This stuff is more like a woven vinyl material - crazy as it sounds (literally and quite figuratively), it really maintains an edge IMHO.
  17. I think he has an ebay page under the same name, but not certain. There's another thread with the link, I believe.
  18. Give it a try...

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