Latest acquisition: Tsar by Van Cleef and Arpels

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by sharpstar90, Feb 3, 2019.

    I was pleased to have found this at the local mall. My usual online haunts don't seem to have it in stock. Tsar is an old school classic that I have wanted to get my hands on for a while and it does not disappoint! It was too expensive and too mature when I was a teenager, but now I have grown into it. Have any of you tried it?

    Spraying this is like summoning the ghost of one of those sophisticated gentlemen from the late 80's; long wool overcoat, slight mullet haircut with a lot of product, carrying an italian leather briefcase. They and their big classy automobiles have disappeared from our streets, but this scent remains. It brings me a lot of separate associations that I can't quite identify, but that's the magical thing about fragrances. I am glad this is still around and that people can still appreciate it. Everything moves so fast these days. Sometimes you have to slow it down keep something with you that has some history to it. [​IMG]
  1. Bhugo

    Bhugo Contributor

    Great stuff!
  2. Well done!
    A terrific fragrance with plenty of staying power.
    I have the matching AS balm and they are awesome together, especially on cold days.
  3. Thank you! That balm sounds very nice. It was hard enough just tracking down the EDT, so I might have to wait for the right ebay auction to get the balm. For the moment, I will see what I have in my collection that pairs well as an AS. I'm thinking Stirling Bonaparte or just regular old Afta. Skin Bracer would probably clash badly!

    I've got Pour Homme on the way from ebay tomorrow.
  4. Bhugo

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    Dirty rose! VC and A made a couple greats. Powerful, but I like both of these in the summer or anytime. PH being a little more formal to me. Just be judicious on the trigger in the heat.
  5. Good call. I wore British Sterling all summer, which people say is a winter scent. I think it just means you get a slightly different performance. You can use a little less and get a little more.
  6. You need two threads for this?
  7. I tell you what, @Boghopper. You post about whatever you want to on this forum and I will post about whatever I want to. And I promise that I will never criticize you about anything you choose to post about. Deal?
  8. The Knize

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    '80s powerhouse scent for sure. A good one. Nice write up.
  9. Thanks very much!
  10. It's one of the classic 80's fougere cologne from that era.

    While I never wore it back in the 80's I picked up a bottle about a year ago and it brought back memories of that era. Every time I walked through the men's cologne section in the department stores. You cold smell the classic fougere scents in the air. It was one of the things I liked about going to the mall as a teen.

    I still enjoy this scent profile and have a collection of old school fougere's that I wear on a weekly basis.
  11. I totally remember. Macys and places like that used to be very different. Like you said, clouds of perfume and cologne in the air. Heck, sometimes they actually used to come up and spray you.

    Those days are gone. It's almost as if that changed when people stopped smoking so much. People all the sudden got sensitized and everyone just toned it down. Then the reformulations came. "Oakmoss is bad for you!" And all that. And vaccines apparently, but I'm not gonna go there!

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