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Late check in!

Well guys, I couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d post something and considering I skipped my newbie check in and already posted a different thread, I figured I should check in late.

Hello, I am Tony P and I’ve been DE shaving for about four years but only took it up as a hobby just recently (since around the time certain “thing” affected us all and kept us inside). So far I think it’s an awesome hobby, despite originally moving to DE shaving to not buy overpriced cartridges and to avoid the irritable burn of the electrics.

I started off with MicroTouch One because it was $5 on Clearance at Walmart. Despite not being a big reality TV show fan, I gave it a try with the supplied Dorco ST300 and knew I’d be never going back to cartridge razors. I used Barbasol aloe or sensitive foam at the time. Also, I had picked up one of those DollarTree safety razors (for the blades because compared to the Weishi it’s garbage) but, being new to DE shaving at the time the blades didn’t work out well for me so I just continued using the Dorco.

Now, I have more razors than I ever though I’d own and too much knowledge about anything shaving related...

Also, to note, I have an attraction to vintage and “budget” shave gear. Especially budget-vintage (Knack, Krona)! Don’t get me started! Haha.

My current favored DE blade is Gillette-Wilkinson (China). I can get them locally for $1.19/5 blades. I know that’s not cheap when we’re talking 100 pack pricing, I wouldn’t have fell in love with them if I hadn’t went “shave hunting” and “overpaid”.

Well, I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this and I’m basically just rambling. So, let me end it by thanking everyone on these boards for all of your input. I’ve learned so much from you all and I appreciate how inviting the community is.
Stay safe and great shaves, fellas!

Random decor picture attached:thumbup1:


Welcome. It's nice having blades available locally that work for you, and the price is good for locally sourced blades.
Welcome to B&B!!!
Although you said you've been doing it for 4 years, you're technically new to the site and to shaving as a hobby.
So if you're interested in trying some new blades, I have a "newbie blade PIF" thread open in the newbie forum.
If you're interested head on over :)
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