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Last Used In the 80's

This will be my first post. I have been wet shaving for about a year. Seems my Son remembered me lathering up in the 80's, and now has been wet shaving for about a year. As with everything when it is new, he bought allot of products and sent some of them to me. Turned out that I was using one of those triple mock gadgets with an aerosol can soap. I had forgotten that I still had the Old Spice Mug with a bit of soap in it. I just used it yesterday! Nice shave!
Welcome to B&B. Old Spice mug and soap was my first wet shave also. Found it at a rummage sale a few years back. Wonderful stuff!
I remember the good ol' days, not too long ago when my father had what seemed like 1000 pucks of OS shave soap...Sadly, the last one was used a little over a year ago...:sad: Now to try the shulton inc cream from india
I was actually born in Michigan City, Indiana. Tried to be a Vietnam Veteran, Discharged from Marine Reserve before 90 days. Year later drafted into Army.....Discharged after 22 days :-( Lots to tell some other time. D
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