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Last Shave

I'm really sorry to hear of your loss. But what an incredible memory that you have created and what a wonderful experience to have shared with your dad in those last days. I am sure that deep down it bought him wonderful joy, happiness and peace. And I'm sure that he would have been immensely proud of you in the deeper parts of his memory.

Your story was very moving and bought back some wonderful memories of times shared with my own father before he passed away.

Thank you for sharing it
Yer a good man, as my father said to me when I gave him similar services.

May the memories of the times you were there to help each other ease the pain of the loss.

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who commented and gave your condolences on the passing of my father. Yesterday we had his funeral service. My nephew, who happens to be on the autism spectrum, asked me to give him a shave just like I gave "Poppa". Afterwards he thanked me and gave me a big hug. I broke out the GEM and the scuttle for my shave. Thanks again everyone for all your kind words and thoughts.
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