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Last of The Steerdovan On Sale Now

Tony Miller

I will not be able to get more of the Steerdovan hides at least until early next year so the last remaining 3 pieces are on sale now. I have a single 3" Black w/D-rings and a pair of 2 1/2" w/cotton and D-rings any at just $70 plus shipping.

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Tony Miller

Had enough Steerdovan to make 3 more pieces. These are the last 3 I will have. One 2 1/2" with D-rings and Cotton, a 2 1/2" with 3-Ply Handles and Genuine Flax Linen and a 2 1/2" Plain, square cut end with cotton.


Offering a wholehearted recommendation for Tony's Steerdovan. I picked up one of these strops after a recent passaround and absolutely love it. Tony does quality work on everything that comes out of his workshop.

IMHO, you can't go wrong with anything from Tony, but the Steerdovan is especially wonderful.

Tony Miller

Thank you. Really like the leather and am still using it for my handles and end caps but just cannot get any more really smooth firm hides for strop bodies in the foreseeable future. Tannery may not run them again and my supplier does not have any that I like enough to make the strop bodies out of but they work really nicely for the trim pieces and have a nice look to them.