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FS Large Shavemac & Thater Badger Brushes

I have been a B&B forum member since 2009 and have had many transactions with long standing members here. I am the original owner of these brushes, they have been used a few times before being put away on display and some will still have the new badger stink; which takes a few shaves before going away and for the knots to fully bloom. None have any issues that I'm aware of.

Tracked shipping included within Canada and the US. All prices in USD and payment is to be made via PayPal please.

Shavemac Style 173 Two Band Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush (30mm knot)
I custom ordered this through Bernd at Shavemac in 2016. Excellent density but without the scritch of the D01. In fact, I find this rather similar to the Simpsons Manchurian grade.

Quality and Size: 30mm Silvertip 2-Band​
Knot Shape: Fan Shape​
Knot Loft: 54mm​

The brush will ship in it's original retail box from Shavemac. I believe the original cost to me was around $220 before shipping with my discount at Shavemac. Asking $160 shipped.




H. L. Thater 4125/3 Black Handle Two Band Silvertip Shaving Brush (28mm Knot)
Made in Germany. Really nice brush with excellent lather release and face feel. Well known brush in our forum and needs no description.

The approximate brush measurements from the manufacturer are as follows:
Knot Shape: Bulb​
Knot Diameter: 28mm​
Loft: 56mm​

The brush will ship in it's original retail box from Thater. Asking $140 shipped.



Beautiful brushes with my favorite style handle. I have a Thater 49125/0 3-band, and 4125/1 and /2 in two band. I also have a 24mm 2-band Shavemac. I'm a small guy (5'7") and 24-26mm is the largest brush my hands and face can handle. If I was a bigger guy, I'd jump on these.
Ladies & Gentlemen, reducing both to more than 30% lower than what I paid. This is a great deal on large badger brushes from these manufacturers.

- Shavemac @ $150 shipped
- Thater @ $130 shipped
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