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Large den clearing

I've too much quality hardware and software not getting enough love. Furthermore, I need to free up some space and need the money more than I need 6 years worth of soaps and spare razors. I'm really hoping to sell it as a single lot as shipping from Alaska gets expensive. Feel free to ask questions or request pictures. I'm asking $500 which will include shipping to CONUS.

EJ Chatsworth imitation Ivory - near mint
NOS Weck Sextoblade - near mint
Razorock Mamba .70 - excellent
Gillette Ref Tip (B2 date) - user grade
Unknown DE razor (aggressive) - user grade

Personna Med Prep DE 100 pack - 98 remain
Gillette Nacet X10
Rapira x4
Personna hair shaper (for Weck) x1
SE: carbon x2, stainless x2, blue carbon x1
unknown AC blades x8

Fine classic fresh Vetiver - new
Sego Lily tallow soap (amazing stuff) - new
Stirling Evie - new
Stirling Satsuma - 90%
Vintage Williams grated into 6 oz PETG jar - 75%
Mike's Natural OC&BP - 95%
Catie's Bubbles Grey Day 2 oz - 50%
Arko stick in twist up container - 90%

Semogue 1470
Omega 102751, 13564 & 10077
Vie Long 12601 horse hair
Vulfix 375 super badger + box
Simpson Berkeley 46 best badger + box

(Left to right)
Yaqi 22mm boss
Muhle STFv2 19mm
Yaqi "dark knight" 24mm
FS G5 24mm
Yaqi black n' clear 24mm
AP shave Co Cashmere 24mm
Maggard plissoft 22 or 24mm
AP shave Co SynBad 22mm
AP shave Co 2bed 24mm fan
FS G4 24mm

Maggard Timberwolf 18mm
AoS 21mm synthetic (boss?)
Yaqi Violet Plissoft 26mn
22mm vintage butterscotch handle - heavy and well built

Captains Choice cream and balm samples - Bay Rum, Sandalwood, Venture, Nor Easter, 45th parallel.
Soaps - Seville, Oceans, London Barbershop, Lycanthropy, 322, Venture, Cognac and Cuban Cigars, Asian Plumb, Summer Fig, Trinity, Ghost Town Barber, L'Orange Verte

Timeless lather bowl
Cremo classic shave cream - used once
Replacement straight razor scales.
ATTN - Any unidentified items (like the silver DE and the AC blades for example) are not contributing to my asking price and are essentially being thrown in for free. The Omega 13564 brush has two small bite marks from my puppy on the base of the handle but it works fine. None of the brushes shed and all of the boars are broken in. Lycanthropy and L'Orange Verte samples are only half full. Thanks for looking.
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