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    I have a dilemma. My new employer has provided me (and the rest of my department) a laptop. A HP EliteBook 850 G4 with 15.6" screen. I don't have my own properties I will be doing the financials for yet, but once I am assigned one or more I will be expected to bring it home every night. That's fine, it is part of the job. What is creating the dilemma is according to a co-worker, they don't provide a bag or backpack, nor do they provide an allowance for one. Which means it is on me.

    I looked at some on the red oxx site - but at over $150, they are NOT budget friendly. Since this is coming out of MY pocket, I would like to limit what I spend to $50 or less. Under $40 would be even better. But I want something of decent quality.

    I saw one recommended on CNet from a company called Mobile Edge- The ECO model which will work at about $35-$40 on amazon. It is a messenger bag style. Some of the accountants use backpack style bags, others more traditional bags.

    The brief bag I have I bought in the early 2000's but it was not designed for laptops. But with it being 15 years old, (or more) it is showing wear. A couple of broken zippers, I have replaced the strap (twice), usual wear points.... But otherwise looks good. It is a Eddie Bauer bag. Any experience with the Mobile Edge ECO bag? Any other suggestions?
  1. Im a red oxx convert so i cant help you much. My 2 cents. They are expensive but you get what you pay for. Guaranteed. Ive learned my lesson buying the cheaper bag and then buying 2 more to replace it
    good luck with your search and congrats on tge work computer

    ps red oxx has awesome pen pockets :)
  2. I haven't found good garage sales in my area, but I still think they are a good option. Another idea is Craigslist or look for "slightly imperfect, " overstocked, or older versions at a reduced cost.

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  3. Rudy Vey

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    Backpack is the way to go....I use now for several years an Everki backpack, which is specially made for laptops.
    They may not be in your budget range, but the quality is what counts for me. I travel a lot and this pack has been with me all over the the North and South American continent as well as Europe. My pack before was a cheaper one and it did not last well.
  4. Mick

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    Goodwill/salvation army.

    $2 laptop bags in abundance

    Will give you time to find something nicer.
  5. I can't believe they expect you to bring it home nightly but won't spring for protection for it. Since they don't value it, how much can you be expected to?

    Many laptop bags are quite heavy duty which is required for flying, but for car commuting like I do, I'm happy with a cheap one from ebay for $16.99 (from hottestdealsever). It has a well thought out horizontal cross strap that I use to slip the seat belt thru (so the grab handles don't get torqued, then rip out). It's fairly minimalist bag available in a few colors and a non-ballistic nylon fabric which is tough enough for car commuting. The zipper pulls both failed but I was able to hang onto them and zip tie them in place, so they function. It doesn't hold much in the way of files but I don't need it to. However, for almost free, there are tons of standard ballistic nylon laptop bags on there as well. I don't see a need to spend big bucks for this item.
  6. I use an OGIO backpack (also not cheap) for my laptop and I like it quite a bit.
  7. mtnredhed

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    I've had a couple OGIO packs and liked them both. If you're not a backpack type, there are messenger bags. What you're looking for is that the laptop slot won't make direct contact with bottom or edges. Rain resistant is a good thing. I've got a Timbuk2 that I've had for years and is only now starting to break down.
  8. Before you choose anything think of what you will be carrying. If it is only the laptop, charger, one or two files, cards and a pen, a backpack is overkill. But add a camera, a lunch and a book, a backpack becomes the best choice.

    When I was travelling I carried the computer in a backpack on the plane, including a clean shirt, etc. But I packed a thin laptop bag in my case so I didn't need to carry the backpack into meetings.

    I you are uncertain of how you will be using the computer start with something like the Amazon Basics 15.6 inch case. I use one with my Thinkpad and am happy with it. It is good for a couple of file folders, and the basics. At $15 if it doesnt work, it wont be the end of the world.

    There are a myriad of backpack choices out there, but choose one with a padded bottom and (preferably) a separate laptop section with its own compartment. Swiss Gear makes a few at a reasonable price as do many others.

    Once you have spent time carrying the computer, you will know better what works for you. Then you can step up and purchase something for the long term.
  9. Toothpick

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    Hit up your local office supply store (Staples, OfficeDepot). They will have a lot of bags to choose from in your price range. Targus, Swissgear, etc. Or even Target.
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    Red Oxx is great stuff ... I have a bunch of their products. I get your "price" point, though.

    The second-hand aka goodwill suggestions are probably the best you will get for a bargain option.
  11. Show up with one of these and the company will buy you a laptop bag...

  12. Perhaps consider picking up the bag you would have purchased if the laptop was your own property. Why not get something you'll enjoy carrying around, if you have to carry work home in it?
  13. Ended up following Lmarkow's advice. Picked up a Wenger Ibex backpack at Best Buy. Might have been able to find it for a little less elsewhere, but time became an issue. Late this afternoon they shuffled the properties everyone had, so I went from having primary responsibility for none this morning to three by the time I left. (I started right after Memorial Day, this shuffle takes into account acquisitions as well)
  14. Congrats on the purchase and the new position!
  15. Thanks, tchip13
  16. Congrats. Mind posting a pic or two? I usually carry a simple, soft samsonite that I really don't like. I'm constantly searching for better alternatives, but I don't use it enough to justify switching.
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    I've had several. Mostly they looked good but didn't hold up.

    The one that hasn't broken no matter how much I load it with all kinds of extra, heavy stuff on top of my laptop was made by Brenthaven. I can't tell you how much abuse it's had. After years of hard use it looks like new.

    I did have to replace the shoulder strap after a few years.

    It's all in the design (in this case I'd call it engineering) and construction.

    Happy shaves,

  18. I have had great luck with Tom Binh bags and backpacks (

    Not inexpensive, but these bags these last! I have had some for more than 10 years. When you buy a new laptop, you can just purchase another ‘sleeve.”

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