Lapping film is the way to go!

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    This went the wrong way! 300 maybe. Different charts will have some differences, but 3000 went finer than previous, not courser.

    The rest of the chart seems within a version of reality :)
  1. 30 micron is 600 grit.
  2. Ok, I looked at another set of film that I have which has the coffee/brown color and compared it with the slate color and the slate is a finer paper. It almost feels like the .3 white paper. So is the slate colored film second to last since it’s probably .5 and .3 is finer? Wish sellers would specify this stuff when they ship them lol.

  3. Here is the source for my set. 3M Lapping Film Assortment 1 ea of 30,12,9,3,1,.5 & 0.3 micron 8.5 x 11 SHEETS | eBay
  4. Ah. Your source has it wrong. Study his grit chart. Notice he is saying .5u is finer than .3u. Obviously very very wrong. The 30u is obviously wrong, as well. 30u cannot be finer than 12u and 9u! Looks like another seller who doesn't have a clue, just something to sell. Good product though, if it is the real thing. 3M is kinda the gold standard.

    But I have never seen .5u 3M film. So that is a new one on me.
  5. The colors are correct using the manufacturers web site.
    30 micron 3M™ Lapping Film 261X, 30.0 Micron Disc, 5 in x NH, 50/Inner, 500/Case | 3M United States
    9 micron 3M search results for 9 micron film\ | 3M United States
    3 micron 3M search results for 3 micron film | 3M United States
  6. Colors? Maybe. But the grit ratings are wrong wrong wrong. Anyone can see that. And I still have never seen 3M .5u lapping film. Maybe someone else has.
  7. Did you look at the 3m site? Colors and micron match the seller’s discription.
  8. I noticed that all the colors matched the 3m product colors, the only one that threw me off was the slate colored one. It felt extremly fine, almost to the white 0.3 grit which made it difficult to tell between the 2. The rest of the film is easily distinguishhable based on feel. I took mechanical engineering in college, we used this stuff when polishing metal samples after annealing to see the carbon structure under a microscope. Anyways, redid a few of my razors in the correct progression and it made a huge difference. I finished out the honeing with stropping with red polishing compound on a leather paddle strop. Made them quite sharp and better then before. Just wish my scales on my boker werent broken like they are, I am on the hunt for replacement scales for it. If i need to replace a sheet i will do so individually through a reputable place mentioned from here.
  9. Perfect and congratulations on the successful hone. :a50:
  10. Okay, one last time. Please read this slowly and carefully. I will try not to use too many big words. The Seller's micron vs grit table is W R O N G. I am not talking about the colors, except that black or dark gray is usually used for 5u film, and that I was not aware that 3M even makes .5u film. I am talking about that table you are going by that correlates micron to grit size. The grit ratings are so utterly painfully obviously wrong. Can you not see it? And you are confusing newbies by quoting it. No, maybe you can't see it. Okay then. I won't mention it again.
  11. You are correct Slash about the grit numbers vs micron numbers. I had a look at it here Lapping Film which has a chart that has been a reputable source for getting lapping films. I agree that the .5 paper is a weird one and it was the reason why I brought up the question in the first place because i was following the micron numbers only and the 3m chart on best sharpening stones website. Will I buy from the same guy again, no way, I just wanted to try and see if this was an effective way of keeping blades honed while keeping costs down. What I will do is buy sheets that from a dealer that I can trust to sell me the correct product. My only concern was getting the progression correct, believe me I'm in no way doubting anybodys knowledge as I'm new at this, esp. Slashes expertese on the subject of films and how to use them. What I did find is that there are a lot of sellers out there selling similar products and not describing much about it. For example, made in china film, or saying 3m only to find out the colors on the film are all wrong not matching 3m at all. It is easy to get lost and led down the wrong path as far as materials go. What I do wish is that sellers sell a set of non PSA film from coarse to fine. I was going to buy from Best Sharpening Stones but they only has the PSA backed film and it wasnt what I wanted. I did find a dealer from here that I will buy from now on to get the right product.
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  12. I picked up using a SR in September 2018. My mentor and friend
    @steveclarkus recommended this seller to me when I was unable to find the non adhesive backed films. I’ve never had a bit of a problem using the films since it’s easy to match the 3m color to the micron. Like I said 10 EBay vintage in various used and abused form have been successfully honed using this sellers offer. Like everything else, YMMV.
  13. Glad it's not just me - I've noticed that the 30u film (and 40u which I've also used) doesn't seem to last long when bevel setting. Of course I'm very new so it's more than likely caused by poor technique (and cheap razors I'm essentially buying to practice honing on), but still. I was surprised how quickly the films seem to lose their grinding abilities, to the extent I am tempted to go stone for bevel setting.

    I daresay once I buy one stone, it's a slippery slope...
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    Colors, charts, grits, microns, sub microns, sticky back, non sticky back, pico paper, burrs, methods....

    And you guys think rocks are confusing? :001_huh:
  15. The 30u is the only film I’ve had trouble with. I still prefer film over stones.
  16. Actually it is not confusing at all. If you purchase the films I did and go from high to low on a marble slab, your razor will shave. There is no rock rubber who can claim the same.
  17. Good grief, man, you honed 50 razors for your adopted son.:a29:
  18. We could all actually claim just that! Film is an abrasive just the same as stones are an abrasive. 1,4,8,16 shapton glass or other equivalent stones and your razor will shave very nicely. You had success because you did exactly what someone told you to do, you followed one system, didn’t deviate from it and voila, you got better and better.
  19. No need for to take offense as I've got two rocks to rub as well. It's just that the films come in a packet for less than $30.

    No one never, ever told me what to do. I didn't read anything. Steve told me where to get the non adhesive films. I watched a person using a marble slap and hydrosuctioning the films. I bought the films and had the good sense to start with 30 micron and end with .5 micron.

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