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Lapping an Arkansas in excruciating detail

Same here - the translucent is good, the Norton black is great. The Dan's black hasn't seen a ton of use, but it's also nothing to sneeze at.
Dans and A.G. Russell heard arks are about the only ones that match performance but they are still different just a little. Not anything most would nothing though to be honest. It seems the Norton stones have a tighter grain or something.

I always think of 2001 when I see big Black Arks... In the opening monkey scene, my ancestor was the one in back that you can't see, rubbing a bone on the big black rock trying to get a bevel...
Has anyone tried anything other then SiC for roughing? I have used a product called black beauty. It is a media abrasive made from coal slag. Breaks down reasonably fast. Used it with different laps. Steel, stainless, ceramics. Leaves a very course open texture in the stone that smoothes out quickly with 60 grit paper. Just curious if anyone else has used different media.
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