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Landing on doorsteps

Our new Razor Caddys have been arriving at their destinations and already we are getting pictures and feedback from satisfied customers.

CC caddy and gear.jpeg

“The Razor Caddy ended up making some room on the shelf where I keep my shaving gear. Even my wife liked it and thought it made the bathroom shelf look better. I will definitely be using it for the razors that I have, as I use all of them in a rotation. It’s an attractive item for sure!” ~ Jack C.


This from a customer who also purchased our Vintage Aftershave Flask and has it proudly displayed. Note how his wet brush is secured upside down over the side. This angle also gives you a good look at the cushion that each razor rests on which ensures each razor is seated properly. Here is what he has to say regarding his new Razor Caddy:

"It holds DE razors perfect, don’t change a thing. Very nice!" ~ Bill E.
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