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Lamy Dialog 3

Quick question. Anybody have any experience with the Lamy Dialog 3? I see it is on Massdrop and was curious. It appears to be their take on a vanishing point style of pen. I might have to pull the trigger on one if it hits the lowest price, but if anyone has had problems with them I would possibly re-consider...

I do love my L2000 and have more pens than I can use in a lifetime! But... Maybe just 1 more?

I had one. I still have a L2000 as well. Actually, I bought it because of how well I like the L2000; an L2000 it is not.

It is a pretty cool pen, but it is also a really heavy and long pen. Its nib was springier than the L2000 though, but you can get that nib on certain Studio's for far less money.

Unless the massdrop price is like $150 or so, I would pass, but YMMV.
I should also note that I did not have any nib dry out problems that others complain of. However, if you want a Vanishing Point type pen, I would just get a Vanishing Point, as it is the better pen IMHO.
I had one of the early models and found that it would dry out during the day. I sent it to Lamy for service and they replaced it with a new one. That one tended to dry out overnight. Overall I was disappointed by this recurring problem.
Thanks Justin, I appreciate the opinion. The lowest price would be $205 if enough sell. I have the L2000 in stainless so I have a feeling I know what you mean by "heavy Pen". I do have a VP also but I usually carry my pen in my front and have had a few occurrences of the nib pushing up and inking my pants... Do love the VP though, just not in my pants pocket. Maybe will just stick with it instead and carry it differently...
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