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Lady Gillette Beginner - Which Blades?

5 years ago, I gave my wife a mint Lady Gillette (light blue). Today, she pulled it out for the 1st time and wants to use it. She’s never used a DE.

I’ve got a lot of different blades for her to try. Which do you recommend for her?
I’ve got a lot of different blades for her to try. Which do you recommend for her?
She might be happy using Rapira, Derby Premium or the Voskhod if you have some already. Good smooth blades that work and not overly sharp for starting out with like a Feather IMO.
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Have some great shaves!
My first priority is to reduce frustration and skin irritation (bleeding).
The list will exclude the sharp feather and the exposed kai, and the unstable performance of the dorco 300 will not be included in the list.

I introduced my wife to use the easy-to-buy Gillette de blade + Merkur 42c. She is happy that it is no more difficult to use than the Shick cartridge, and it is even easier to clean and effective.
Recommend you give her a primer on proper technique and to start out on legs only til she gets used to a DE--skin on the leg is much tougher than say underarms and it will be much easier for her to observe her technique (I think I'd rather suffer a cut on my leg than underarm). As for blades, I'd recommend giving her the one that you like the least and have the most of (she'll naturally be cautious, and won't have a frame of reference so it won't matter much (except a Feather). That way she'll have her own stash of kit, she won't use up your favorite blades, and you'll free up space for other stuff. I'd also get a styptic pencil if you don't have one... just sayin.
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