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It is time that we all pause, and remember that "fanboyism" and "shilling" is not welcome here at B&B. This is a problem that we have always dealt with, although of late it seems like it's becoming more frequent, and so our timely reminder.

Sometimes we deal with members who have a "nudge-nudge wink-wink" ... or more ... from a commercial entity. Sometimes we deal with the commercial entity registering multiple "sock puppet" accounts. Sometimes we deal with guys who are simply "satisfied customers" but who have some sort of OCD that requires them to talk often ... far too often ... in far too glowing terms about the product or service in question.

This gets tiresome, really fast.

Commercial entities (whether registered as Hobbyists/Vendors or not) which seek to promote their goods and services in any manner other than within the limits of our rules of conduct here (including the Vendor Program rules) will receive an unpleasant result. Members here who participate in or aid and abet such practices will likewise receive an unpleasant result.

The One-Track-Mind "OMG I gotta talk about this insert one (brush, shaving soap ,etc.) ​every chance I get" guy will soon enough receive the "talk about something else" PM from a Mod.

And to all those of you who don't engage in those annoying practices, and who make B&B the great place it is ... thank you!
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