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Lack of Variety

Hi everyone,

For over 5 years I've only ever used Proraso. I've used the green, red, white, light blue and green/red.

I've liked all of them, and I think they are good soaps. I want to try something new, though.

Can anyone recommend a new soap?

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Can anyone recommend a new soap?
Absolutely my friend. Here you go, a few tried and true classics.


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No bad suggestions so far. Stirling is a great entry into artisan soaps and maybe the best value - 5.8oz for $13. If you want to stick with a reasonable priced Italian soap, and I'm deeply saddened that no one mentioned this, give Cella a shot.



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Really appreciate the suggestions everyone. I think I'm going to start with the Tabac.

Still curious what others have to suggest.

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all good suggestions. I’d second Haslinger schafmilch, mwf, wholly kaw donkey milk, speick, and Stirling. My personal favorite is Haslinger followed by wholly kaw.

Have fun!
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