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La Toja?

I am thinking about purchasing some La Toja shave stick, like a pack of 3.
What’s it like? Is it a good product?
All responses much appreciated!!
The lather it produces is fantastic.

It stings my face just a bit, so I stopped using it for that reason, but if it wasn't for that, I'd always have it on hand.


+3! La Toja is a great shave stick IMO!

This has become my travel stick as it works great in most any water conditions. :clap: :clap:

Ad Astra

The Instigator
It's worth pointing out that the "sensitive" and the regular La Toja shave cream smell different and both are good.

A tiny amount works, too. Less than an almond-sized gloob.

When some miserable soap fails me, I just reach for La Toja to save the shave!

Have the La Toja aftershave and like it enough that I will be reordering another for the den.

When I do, I plan on adding a stick of the shave soap as well to pair up with it.