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La Toja Shaving Creams Discontinued

One of my very first posts on B&B was what I should get in my starter kit and someone recommended La Toja shave stick. So I got it and I love it! I love it so much I made sure to get my son one, too! Now I just placed my order and got a tube on Amazon. But you better hurry! Only 3 tubes left!
I have some Geo F. Trumper cream in a tub that I bought in 2005, or so, that I use every now and then. It's still quite moist and works just like the day I bought it. I do store it in a plastic Ziplock bag.
Is it stored in the fridge or at room temperature?
Room temperature. My storage method's nothing special. I just have it in a bathroom cabinet, under my sink, in a Ziplock plastic bag. I originally had no intention of keeping it that long, so for the first 6 or 7 years or so, it wasn't even in the Ziplock bag. It's lasted quite well.
Thank you for the reply. I also stored mines at room temperature and so far they lasted a few years, although I did not keep something for more than ~7 years. I have a suspicion that most of them will be fine for many many years if they are not contaminated or stored in improper conditions. I recently did move some of them in the fridge, but those are mostly the ones which I know for sure I won't need for the next 5 years.


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Just for the record, I have Old Spice and Godrej shaving cream tubes that are 14 years old that I bought on a trip to India in 2009 that still work absolutely perfectly.
They have been stored in a box in a closet since I got them.
Phil, I suppose these creams are hermetically sealed with a foil under the cap? Right?
I have just stumbled on this thread. How sad to see La Toja disappearing. I had been looking forward to picking some up next time I got out to Malaga or Seville - it's been too long!

One of the saddest things about all these great old "everyman" products disappearing is that it means new shavers will never get to try them and realise that great performing shave products don't have to cost the earth - I could probably fill a sheet of A4 with the names of all the great value, great performing soaps and creams that have disappeared in the past decade. I think that the fashion for artisan stuff amongst wet shavers may mean that, even though wet shaving as a whole is growing, the sales of the unpretentious traditional products are suffering.

Me, I will continue to use traditional European products as long as there are still some around. Thank the Lord for Palmolive cream, LEA and Proraso, and long may they continue!
La Toja out performs many of those old shaving soaps and creams. It is indeed sad that the creams are gone. The sticks are still around, however.

I blame it on poor marketing. I had never heard of La Toja and of what a good performer it was even though I've been shaving since Man first set foot on the moon. It was recommended to me by my local brick and mortar, which sells many and varied brands of shaving soaps and creams. He was right about it and I was hooked.
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