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La Toja Shaving Creams Discontinued

For me La Toja soap and creams are just superior performers in every way and for this reason I doubt that Lea will ever replace La Toja in my den. As always, IMHO.

P.S. How wonderful it would have been if Lascaray S.A., manufacturer of Lea, had purchased the La Toja brand... They would have kept the ownership in Spain and kept alive the entire La Toja line, including the marvellous Manantiales soap.

Quite right. As usual, we are in agreement. :thumbup:

The standard Lea shaving products may not quite reach the level of La Toja, but their Classic line (shaving soap, shaving creams, aftershave balm and lotion) is a cut above the rest and I do like the light scent of sandal wood, moss and touch of menthol.
Not the forceful menthol blast of green Proraso, but a light, elegent touch which is right up my alley.

I also wondered how La Toja might continue to flourish if Lascaray S.A. had taken, or would take over the brand and kept it in Spain, but I see no indication that Henkel is inclined to part with this well-known brand name that is used for shower gels, soaps and still a few remaining shaving products.

La Toja shaving cream is truely GREAT, but has salty scent.
Hence, LEA replaces La Toja in my den, except shaving stick.
La Toja shaivng stick is second to none.
Sigh, so sad to see another legendary classic bite the dust. When I used the shaving stick, I felt it was as good as any other soap. Unfortunately, it gave me a slight allergic reaction.
I wonder what happens to the recipes of these great products? Imagine possessing the recipe for original Williams, old spice, yardley, valobra, tabac, speick, wilkenson sword, la toja, Irish moose, I Coloniali, etc
I wonder how long LT creams in a tube can be stored?
People say 2-3 years, but I own many older than that that work fine. I have also tried vintage tubes that work perfectly. I do store most of mine in the bottom drawer in the garage fridge.
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Thanks, guys. That is good to know. I've heard of some of these artisan soaps going bad and even getting moldy.
It must help the shelf life that many of these creams, like La Toja, are in sealed metal tubes. Surely they should last a long time as long as the nozzle isn’t pierced open. Not speaking from experience, though, as I haven’t had any unused tubed creams sitting around for years.
I rarely buy new soaps or creams anymore as I have a stash full of my favorites that will see me through many years. Upon learning that La Toja cream is discontinued I picked up a couple tubes. I've always wanted to try this cream and somehow never got around to it. Sad to see another classic falling by the wayside.
I don't suppose there are any other soaps or creams on the market that are comparable to La Toja?

I am doing a test right now, using a straight razor, of creams and sticks that are not too expensive. Some are cheaper, some a bit more. My Search to Replace La Toja - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/my-search-to-replace-la-toja.639389/ . I had hoped others would chime in. Of course, what I like might not be what others like.
Personally I like Speick better.
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