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La Lune Special Stone...Anybody got one?

That makes since, honestly this stone ticks all boxes for me

Adds noticeable sharpness and smoothness to an all ready decent edge ( testing this far)
The edge while sharper, was smooth, and results thus far pretty impressive

I still would like to try escher/ thur edge but honestly with this stone , not sure an edge can approve if edge amazing sharp and smooth

How rare are these stones as i only know one source selling them
Reason i am asking is I thinking these are rare, certainly usa market and if current vendor runs out, value of stone should increase,,

Researching building a wooden box for this stone

Love to see pics of your stones

Overall excellent purchase


Griffith Shaving. I just bought one....

Griffith Shaving. I just bought one....

Thank you so much!
The only stones I have that I'm able to get a sharper edge than the purple are Arkansas and my Fnat. The la lune blue may be on that league, but not consistently, not yet at least.


With the purple I'm able to refine edges from thuris and PDSOs, but not the other way.


All my cotis but one are another noch below.

Is all personal. I've spend a lot of time with the purple, so it may be down to that.

The 6" are easy to find. There is always one or two for sale online. The big ones are becoming harder to find, specially over 8".
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Thx few questions
What is best way to prepare the surface for honing
I used slurry stone provided with water seems to add scratches to surface

Is it ok to flatten surface with a diamond plate like atoma 400?

Most recently i used my 12k nani to further smooth out surface before using water and glycerin mix

My initial test with this rock were pretty outstanding thus far

One more question, have you thought about selling these in handmade boxes or providing boxes with stone?

I also checked my stone with a level and it is flat surface

Fatwade, you imply the la Lune purple and the vosgienne are the same stones?

I always had a doubt. The pictures associated with the vosgienne seem to show a more brownish stone with diffused green areas, but similar structure than the purple. A slightly different look than the La Lune with defined green spots. But still enougth similarities to wonder.

Driving through the east, I've seen a few areas with red slate, and most of those have green markings. So I finally assumed I was unlucky, the la lune and the vosgienne origins where geographically linked but from diferent quarries.

If the research confirmed those are exactly the same I would feel relieved, as there is one less stone to find and try...
Thx few questions
What is best way to prepare the surface for honing
I used slurry stone provided with water seems to add scratches to surface

Is it ok to flatten surface with a diamond plate like atoma 400?
I lap the stone on W&D up to 1200 grit, being very careful not to use too much water underneath since it can go convex in the corners.

It needs some break in period to get best results. It goes shiny but not fully polished

The purple has a few defects, one is that it scratches under pressure. Rub stone has to be used flat and gently. Just enough to open the pore, but I've never felt the need for a thick slurry. Press too hard with a bout or a knife bevel, and you go back to lapping.

The blue can scratch, but not as easily.

Just did my best edge ever on a first series fila double temple. Amazing how it can keep giving, just time, water, and gentle hand control.
Thx for information , not sure what happened to thread as it was moderated and some responses removed???

I did another test today
Used water only with one drop of shampoo soap, ( one drop only), water strokes about 20 more laps
Verdict, was even more sharper/ while still being very smooth ,
See below shampoo soap used which has two type oils in it,,( castor oil and Aneseed oil), work well on stone, marvelous shave today off this rock

The edge is sharp and smooth but on sharper side
Best edge result to date
Water on my stone, with one drop of soap seemed to work differently than glycerin and water mix,, i felt the stone talk to me more and could feel that sucking kinda zen feeling, felt like after reaching end of laps, felt like a mild cloud of swart, slurry, cushion sticking zen feeling, did not think using water only would create a kinda self slurry zen but it did. Felt could keep going

Only had this stone few days but still testing but marvelous edge this rock created for me
It created a sharp marvelous smooth edge that was pleasing to my face with little effort
Thus far extremely pleaseto add this stone to my collection

Keep going, 20 is barely the beginning. Once you feel succion keep going by using less pressure, lessening to the edge and what areas lag behind. As experience builds you can keep going for longer and better results.
Well, comparing natural stones is always a tricky thing. Some would say Thuringians are maybe a bit less sharp but milder. But this really depends on too many factors. Best thing is to just enjoy one's stone ;)
Very well said! I recently bought natural stones to use in my landscaping. That was not a difficult task, but this is much more difficult to choose from. According to what I've read, an inexpensive Thuringian stone of good size is a good place to start with natural stones at a low cost.
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