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La Faulx by Atelier Durdan Pass Around…..


La Faulx SS Evaluation Series
Session 2


Please see notes from Session 1 report.


A transformative shaving session occurred today with the support of a Feather Pro Super blade. After applying another delightful lather of House of Mammoth Alive, I somewhat gingerly approached the first downward stroke of a WTG pass. And in that moment, I became confident today’s effort would result in an outstanding shave. With just a slight correction in angle, the pass continued with glee and ease. An enhanced level of comfort and safety elevated my confidence and speed. But I did not succumb to full reckless abandon as a level of respect must be maintained for the Pro Super blade. While I would not consider this blade harsh, it can lead to a level of post shave feedback in some razors, without vigilance of applied pressure. But that seemed less necessary with the La Faulx.

With WTG complete, I quickly moved through a XTG pass. Once again no danger was present and only swaths of stubble feared the combination of the La Faulx and Pro Super blade. And the ATG pass was no different. Although I did still slightly struggle with achieving an optimal angle in the mustache area. However, the results were significantly improved over Session 1. The only casualty was a small weeper on the right side mustache from a gluttonous fit of applying one additional touch up. I feel confident that my proficiency will continue to improve and fully master this section of beard terrain. Also no issues today with missing shaving angle engagement and spreading lather with the safety bar.

After post care application a very slight amount of feedback was present on the jawline and maybe just a hint on the right side neckline. The apparent safety and comfort with the Feather Pro Super combination is impressive. And today’s results were simply an outstanding BBS. I am excited to evaluate this configuration with the Ti variant.

Pleasant shaves to all!

Overall Score: 9.8 / 10

RAZOR: Atelier DURDAN La Faulx SS [SB]
BLADE: Feather Pro Super AC [1]
BRUSH: Rudy Vey Chief Muhle STF 25mm
LATHER: House of Mammoth Alive
POST: House of Mammoth Alive Aftershave Splash

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I concur. The Feather Pro Super was made for the La Faulx. Excellent write up. :thumbup:
A Tale of Two Shaves

La Faulx Ti Evaluation Series
Session 1 and 2

[Note: I am conducting evaluations of both the Ti and SS variants, so I thought it might be informative to include some of my initial comparative analysis between the Ti and SS. I am planning a more formal side by side shave.]


RAZOR: Atelier DURDAN La Faulx Ti [SB]
BLADE: Feather Pro Super AC [2]
BRUSH: Rudy Vey Chief Muhle STF 25mm
LATHER: House of Mammoth Alive
POST: House of Mammoth Alive Aftershave Splash


RAZOR: Atelier DURDAN La Faulx Ti [SB]
BLADE: Feather Pro Super AC [3]
BRUSH: Brad Sears Wanderer 26mm
LATHER: Ethos Succès [F base]
POST: Hub City Doctrine Aftershave


[Note: This following is an excerpt from my initial review of the La Faulx SS. It applies equally well to the Ti variant]

I recall the first time Atelier DURDAN provided sample renderings and images of its inaugural razor concept. It was clear that the design aesthetic was driven by well formed and thoughtful consideration. And the La Faulx continues in that tradition. If I had to employ a single description for this razor it would be: sumptuous. A build quality that exudes depth and strength overlaid by a pleasing knurling of “pineapple” patterned cuts, interceded by smooth and well polished curving insets. The geometry provides a faceted reflection that further accentuates the design. I also appreciate the base of the handle with a contrasting set of concentric cuts that visually balances the other sections. The undulating patterns are further extended into the safety bar with a comforting line of repeating peaks, ready to artfully guide away departing stubble and lather.

… as I considered images and drawings representing the unique safety bar design. At certain angles it appeared almost exaggerated in terms of effective footprint from blade edge to terminus of the bar. Now in hand, I slowly rotate the assemblage under a clear wash of daylight. As the razor comes to rest at a side profile it becomes apparent that the razor name is the inspiration for its shape and design. The European scythe in particular emphasized a pronounced and plunging curvature compared to the historical American variant. And this pattern clearly echoes in the design lines of the La Faulx. Ultimately the safety bar terminates into a fine but slightly blunted edge.

One additional note: a designation of each metal is etched in the bottom of the baseplate (Ti and 316L respectively)


Generally I prefer a titanium version of most razors. The reduced weight provides a certain amount of “adjustability” to the shave by allowing an extended range of pressure modulation with corresponding efficiency outcomes. This can also lead to reduction in potential irritation or discomfort in higher efficiency razors. With the La Faulx Ti now in hand, I immediately noticed a difference with its SS counterpart: the handle insets did not quite align with the natural balance point of the assembled razor. That was not completely surprising as the SS variant was perfect aligned and the reduced weight of the Ti would inherently shift the relative weighting. It may be illusory but I prefer the balance and weight of the SS in hand. The SS version is ever poised for movement yet well balanced at its natural pivot point with in the hand hold of the inset. The Ti version, while delivering a welcome reduction in overall weight, seemed a bit more docile and reserved in hand. With all things of this nature, additional shaves would likely erase this fleeting comparative perception.


Coming off of two shaves with the La Faulx SS variant, I stumbled slightly during the first encounter with the Ti variant. Two major factors contributed to this outcome: 1) an initial sense of reduced connection with the lighter weight Ti model; and 2) a rushed shave due to external factors. The degree of shaving connection seemed largely tied to the reduced weight. At times my shave engagement regressed and slipped across the lather rather than fully removing stubble. In the back of mind I questioned myself all while distracted by the need to complete the shave with time pressures from upcoming commitments. The overall level of comfort was increased compared to the SS variant but I witnessed a reduced post shave shadow compared to my previous session with the SS variant. And approximately 7 hours later regrowth was observed. This contradicted an amazing duration of BBS achieved with the SS version and high degree of post shave shadow reduction.

Had I failed this first Ti session? Possibly.

So for the second session I set an intention to maintain full engagement with each stroke. I also selected a time that would not overlap with any competing interests or time pressures. With a strategy of Mise en Place, all of the session shave ingredients awaited activation. A contemplative lather was developed into a robust bouquet of whipped peaks. The result was a protective and slick substrate for the session. I then set out on a journey to become one with the razor for each pass. The downward strokes of the WTG delightfully removed the first tranche of stubble with a slight but communicative audible feedback. This would be the measure for monitoring shaving engagement through the remainder of the session.

The La Faulx engenders confidence and the Feather Pro Super blade is at its best in this razor. Comfort and confidence exude from each stroke and pass. I had to mindfully maintain an even cadence as the razor entices rapid execution of the shave. Moving in to the XTG phase, an enhanced level of comfort could be perceived relative to the SS variant. The distinction is not dramatic. But with a measured application of pressure, I could comfortably navigate difficult terrain with a level of increased pressure. I would like to continue to note how inspiring the shave is with a Feather Pro Super. If this blade was loaded in my Blackland Vector, I would be shaving at a higher level of vigilance. And yet the La Faulx somehow erases any concern with what some might consider the most efficient blade in the Artist Club format.

Progressing on to the final ATG pass, I had regained a similar level of joy achieved with the SS variant. Now with only the formidable mustache area remaining, I delved into that most delicate and nuanced region. The Ti weight began to demonstrate its superior adjustability as I worked to modulate pressure and angle while avoiding injury. The pass was now complete but I desired more. Three micro sections presented enough stubble that warranted a set of touch up strokes. Delicate application and slight skin stretching preceded surgical placement of buffing strokes on the right side. Then the razor was placed on the lower left mustache region while lightly buffing up to that most dense and wiry region. A remaining swath of steel like stubble awaited the La Faulx and Feather Pro super. And then it fell. However I did suffer a few micro weepers in the process along with a bit of feedback from both sides.

But the results upon clearing the remnants of lather spoke volumes. I had achieved one of my highest degrees of post shave shadow reduction in the mustache region. And the remainder of the beard terrain was equally smooth. A luxurious level of BBS was achieved with an incremental reduction in post shave feedback compared to the SS sessions. At the time of composing this session report, ten hours of BBS has transpired, and still counting.


I plan to conduct another stand alone SS session and then a side by side of the SS and Ti. At that point I hope to offer a more complete perspective on the SS versus Ti version. But a very preliminary opinion is that the SS offers an incremental increase in efficiency with a nimble and balanced weight. But the Ti provides an incremental improvement in comfort although it does require an enhanced level of technique to extract maximal efficiency. At this moment I am torn between the two metal choices.

However, I am certain of one thing: The La Faulx and Feather Pro Super combination are single handedly reviving my passion for the AC format.

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The development of the new base plates of La Faulx is progressing well, they will be available at the latest in two weeks but I would like to offer them at the end of the week on my site.
After several tests I intend to propose two aggressiveness + and ++ which will have respective blade exposure of +0.05 and +0.1 mm with variations on the GAPs. Open comb versions will also be available.
La Faulx Duet and Finale

La Faulx SS and Ti Evaluation Series
Session 6


RAZOR: (LEFT) Atelier DURDAN La Faulx Ti [SB] | (RIGHT) Atelier DURDAN La Faulx SS [SB]
BLADE: Feather Pro Super AC [1]
BRUSH: Brad Sears Wanderer 26mm
LATHER: House of Mammoth Alive
POST: House of Mammoth Alive Aftershave Splash


For those that may not have read the previews evaluations, this is the culminating shave of two separate pass arounds for the La Faulx SS and Ti variants, respectively. In this session, I conduct a side by side shave and comparison of the SS and Ti variants.


A bittersweet day has arrived as I prepare for the final shave with the La Faulx SS and Ti variants. I provided preliminary details on the distinguishing differences between each variant but felt a side by side shave was necessary to confirm those thoughts. I once again returned to the House of Mammoth Alive set to maintain consistency across prior shaves. I also loaded each razor with a fresh copy of a Feather Pro Super blade. While not reported, I did conduct an additional shave with the La Faulx SS prior to this session. That session included the fourth use of a Feather Pro Super. I did notice a slight degradation in smoothness and efficiency with that fourth use. That is fairly consistent with my prior experiences of this blade (and the Feather Pro) and is not a function of the La Faulx. However, I do have some thoughts on potential implications for the current plate gap versus the anticipated + and ++ versions, which I will touch on in the Conclusion section.

Returning to the shave at hand, both razors stood at attention and ready for action as I finished the last application of lather. The SS would start the shave and only be deployed to the right side of the face, while the Ti was reserved for the left side.
With a relaxed and confident hold, I initiated the first downward stroke of the WTG pass. The first use Feather Pro Super provided superb smoothness while parting lather and stubble with ease. Moving over to the Ti, the remainder of the pass was complete with an effortless set of strokes. Once again the first use blade in the Ti contributed to that outcome and shored up the slight degradation from the prior fourth use session.

The WTG pass was then completed with no issues or concern. I could sense an improvement in proficiency with this session. I also began to observe a few details related to my initial thoughts on the differences between these razors. On handling, the Ti variant may offer a slightly incremental improvement in overall maneuverability. But the SS delivers a more connected shave with a slight increase in feedback and agility that seems linked to its inherent weight and potential energy. None of these distinctions are dramatic. But they are more noticeable in the side by side shave.

In addition, the Ti does seem to deliver an incremental improvement in comfort. But again these are subtle differences. This level of comfort became more apparent during the final ATG pass as I approached more challenging regions of my beard terrain. Ultimately what remained was the most difficult area: the mustache region. If you have read the previous session write ups, I could not quite escape a minor weeper or two in this region. But today I am happy to report that this session was injury free while providing a superior reduction in the mustache region. Overall, an outstanding level of BBS and post shave shadow reduction occurred.

I then applied a healthy amount of aftershave splash to evaluate areas of feedback. A bit to my surprise a level of feedback occurred on the left side neckline. I suspect the lower weight of the Ti variant had invited a higher application of pressure than initially perceived. It was a bit difficult to mange pressure modulation switching off between the two different weight classes. I had also conducted an additional round of touch up on the neckline. The degree of this neckline feedback was minor and quickly faded. I did however notice a bit more extended feedback on the right jaw line and some of the cheek. This was more a general sense that a shave occurred rather than any type of irritation. And for completeness, no irritation or redness occurred, nor has it ever with these razors.

As I write this, seven hours of BBS has transpired, and I expect many additional hours before signs of regrowth are detected. All in all, yet another exquisite and impressive shave with the La Faulx.


It feels redundant at this point, but I have to express how impressed I am with this razor and the Feather Pro Super combination. Everyone is of course different and brings their own experience and environment with differing beard profiles, levels of shaving proficiency, and maturity of shaving process. I am but one data point in the universe of shavers. I also exist in what I believe to be a smaller population of shavers with ultra demanding beard profiles that require higher levels of razor efficiency and effectiveness to achieve lasting BBS and post shave shadow reduction. Reflecting on my current level of proficiency and experiences across DE, injector, GEM, and AC, I believe the La Faulx and Feather Pro Super combination have achieved something that none of my other razors have. And that achievement is delivering a superior BBS duration and post shadow shave reduction with the comfort and safety of what I might expect from a more traditionally mild razor profile. The idea of comfort and smoothness seem to always involve a trade off when considering higher efficiency outcomes. But the current La Faulx plate gap and exposure, combined with the enhanced exposure and efficiency of the Feather Pro Super blade, have finally delivered on the promise a mild but effective shave.

The one potential downside is being limited to the durability of the Feather Pro series, in terms of use count, along with a very specific blade choice. I am hopeful that one of the upcoming + or ++ plate options will result in an equivalent exposure with the more standard AC blade depths, allowing for potential equivalent outcomes with the Schick Proline or even Kai PINKS. But if the answer is ultimately a four use Feather Pro Super, I would still consider that a welcome value given how effective this combination is.

Farewell La Faulx, you will be missed.

Thank you once again to B&B, @GlazedBoker and @Atelier DURDAN for providing an opportunity to enjoy the amazing La Faulx razor

Shave #14: This is copied from my Journal.

Razor: @Atelier DURDAN La Faulx
Blade: Feather Pro Guard (1)
Brush: Paladin
Pre: PAA The Tube 2.0 + Grooming Dept.
Soap: MDC Vetyver
After: Crown Shaving Co. After Shave Tonic
Post: Nivea Sensitive

We have an absolute winner!

Prior to this morning, the Vector Ti was my favorite shave since switching to safety razors. This blows it out of the park. Nothing against the Vector Ti -- I will keep that in the rotation and am quite fond of it. But this is love at first shave and I am almost surely ordering a Bronze iteration in the next week or two. I will keep the razor for approximately a week, in line with passaround standard, so I am likely to get two or three more shaves. But the first impression is 11/10. If you like AC razors, this is something to watch.

@Atelier DURDAN -- bravo.

Passaround entries seem to always follow a format. I will ignore it... sorry not sorry. If you're looking for the feedback of an uber-experienced safety razor shaver, ignore my entry. There are others who simply know more and carry more weight, rightfully so.

Aesthetics + ergonomics: I mean, hot damn. This thing is a looker. It immediately gives off that premium vibe, even more so than Blackland products, which though high end, take a small (just one man's opinion of course) dip with the satin finish on the titanium razors. This razor also has weight and to my sense, feels a bit handle heavy. Upon picking it up, I thought that might be something that I wouldn't love. On the contrary, it makes me more cognizant of the pressure because I am more aware of that counterbalance. Hope that makes sense. Overall, I do enjoy razors that feel mighty. This feels mighty.

Results: My best safety razor shave to date. Zero weepers, very light and beyond tolerable (arguably desireable) feedback from the splash, and BBS results on my neck -- the trouble area.

On to my more typical entry.

For the shave, I did my customary two passes, both WTG, on my cheeks. DFS++ results, easy peasy. For my neck, I followed the path of my last shave with two passes, one WTG and one ATG. I am really thinking there is something here to this paradigm. Whereas many consider the "standard" to include that XTG pass in between, I think it just adds an additional exposure. And for my skin, which is quite sensitive and prone to nicks and irritation, the ability to get top-shelf results with simply less passes is a win. I could surely follow the same path for my cheeks, which aren't nearly as troublesome, but as I do maintain a beard, I find it easier to keep my lines clean shaving WTG, which for me is north to south in that area. I really cannot say enough about this razor. The ONLY thing that gives me cause-to-pause on purchasing outright is that I hope to try the DE razor soon, as I am on that pass around as well. Still, I do enjoy the AC format and it's more likely I end up with both in time. While the pass around is generous to include some blades, I went with Feather Pro Guard, which is my AC of choice -- granted I have only tried two. In the shaves to come before I pass this lovely piece along, I will likely try the other blades just to see if they are something I want to have in the den. Anyway... bravo, bravo, bravo.

On to the software.

This may be close to my sort of desert-island set. The Tube is a lovely item that I have been using a few weeks and my first use of Grooming Dept. pre shave knocks the Proraso white directly into the rubbish bin (metaphorically). It's smooth and silky and provides exactly the type of protection I was hoping it would.

The MDC soap... I mean... in the classic sense, this qualifies as among the ultimate, "If you don't know, you better ask somebody." 12/10 and I could use it for all my shaves and never feel like I was missing anything. I just enjoy variety too much to be that guy with 15 tins in the cabinet.

Crown Shaving Co. has been a lovely discovery the last month or so. I recently tried its pre-shave gel and adored it (though Grooming Dept. has something to say about that now) and very much enjoyed this tonic. Refreshing, lovely scent. A winner.

Perhaps the only thing that keeps this software setup from being an "endgame" group is the balm. I like the Nivea. It's easy, smooth, cooling. But, like many hobbyists, I like the fancy stuff. Shoot me.

This was a lovely experience and I am already eager to put this razor in action again.
Shave #15: This is copied from my journal.

Razor: @Atelier DURDAN La Faulx (second shave)
Feather Professional (1)
Brush: @Rudy Vey Muhle Synthetic
Pre: PAA The Tube 2.0 + Taylor of Old Bond Street Herbal Pre-Shave Gel
Soap: Ariana & Evans Asian Plum
After: Wholly Kaw Club Yanka
Post: ABC Apricot Hull

I had a lovely first experience with this razor a few days back. Other than a pretty typical rotation of software, the big change here is the Feather Professional, which as I understand it, is considerably "sharper" and has more blade feel than my usual AC choice -- the Feather ProGuard. I am comfortable with the ProGuard and it seems to suit me well, as it has produced good results in two different razors.


This razor is just fantastic for me. I am 100% ordering one, likely in bronze, within the next couple weeks. With shipping, it will be my most expensive razor by a magnitude of three or so, but I have no hesitation whatsoever. @Atelier DURDAN - magic. I haven't used many razors twice in this new direction, but I could see myself using this exclusively if I wasn't a creature that craves variety. Today's result has left my skin just a touch warmer than the ProGuard. But still, zero weepers or noticeable irritation. Also zero feedback from the splash, though since it's my first time using it, perhaps that's more about the splash than the razor.

If I was to nitpick one thing, it would be the handle texture. It is a gorgeous handle and feels very nice, so it's not a blanket criticism. That said, with the handle wet, I could see that I needed to pay attention to my grip. Not really an issue, as I was really just playing with it to give it a full test. My handle is rarely absolutely drenched during a shave. Chalk this one up to taking it through its paces.

As for the tale of the tape, I did my usual two passes, both WTG, on the cheeks. The result is ever-so-closer as compared to the ProGuard, but not by an appreciable amount. The neck got my new and likely semi-permanent paradigm (is anything in life truly permanent?), which is one WTG pass and one ATG pass. Results are in-line with the ProGuard.

There is surely a user specific takeaway, but I see no reason to go away from the ProGuard as my go-to AC blade. I will say that I was more cautious using this blade due to its reputation as compared to the ProGuard. As such, it stands to reason that it could have provided much closer results if I was more intentional or "aggressive," though I think the term falls short. However, I have absolutely no need for any closer than the ProGuard provided and will not be ordering any new AC blades as of now. I will use the P-30 Proline that was also generously included for my next and possibly final shave before shipping onto the next participant. Might as well.

To the software.

I am slowly completing a cycle of all the new stuff I have recently acquired and there are certainly some standouts. Crown Shaving Co. and Truefitt & Hill are brands I will be continuing to explore, as the experience has been sublime.

Back to today's products.

The Pre-Shave Gel from Taylor of Old Bond Street was nice. It sort of lathered up as I rubbed it in, and this produced a nice sensation and barrier. At this point, I believe The Tube followed by either the Crown Shaving Co. gel or Groming Dept. pre-shave would have to be my go-to. That's not because this gel wasn't good. It's simply that the other two are so wonderful. Once I use up my current stuff, which will take some time, I believe that's what I will do. While I adore variety in soap, splash, razor, etc., I think of my pre-shave routine as much more pragmatic. Joy is there, sure, but as someone with skin that loves being nicked, I am much more objective about this portion of the process.

The soap is among my favorites, from lather to scent. I have never tried other A&E soaps, and while I am tempted, not very much to be frank. This is just so comfy for me. The brush has now seen a few uses and, @Rudy Vey, wow. There is the romantic in me that still craves the badger brushes for some semblance of a classical approach, but I would be absolutely lying if I said this synthetic didn't perform at the top of my brush collection. I feel my brush journey is nearly complete for now. I have one more that was ordered previously, the M&F Heritage II from Brad Sears. I am confident that will be a keeper as well, but I am settling into favorites and hope to do some giveaways with stuff soon.

The ABC is elite tier. I audibly whisper, "mmmm" when I apply it. It's surely my No. 1, though I need more applications of the Truefitt & Hill, as I have a feeling it will be contending for that spot.

All in all, I am just smitten with this razor and find sort of want to head right back to the bathroom and shave again :)

La Faulx Pass Around List.
1. GlazedBoker - Completed
2. Rudy Vey - Completed
3. Rocket 1 - Completed
4. Elliot - In hand testing
5. Garyg
6. johnnylighton
I will not bore you all with an entry that is, frankly, quite similar. I adore this razor and have placed an order for a polished bronze one!

This is packed up, a label is printed, and it will be on its way to @garyg tomorrow!

Thank you, @GlazedBoker for organizing this wonderful opportunity. Also, for those who haven't spoken with Augustin, we exchanged several emails. An absolute gent.


I shaved a fortune
I will not bore you all with an entry that is, frankly, quite similar. I adore this razor and have placed an order for a polished bronze one!

This is packed up, a label is printed, and it will be on its way to @garyg tomorrow!

Thank you, @GlazedBoker for organizing this wonderful opportunity. Also, for those who haven't spoken with Augustin, we exchanged several emails. An absolute gent.
Did you end up ordering the "standard" base plate or the + or ++ out of curiosity.

I look forward to the reviews of your shaves with it. I hate the waiting period... but sort of enjoy the painful tracking portion of the wait. ;)
Did you end up ordering the "standard" base plate or the + or ++ out of curiosity.

I look forward to the reviews of your shaves with it. I hate the waiting period... but sort of enjoy the painful tracking portion of the wait. ;)
Indeed the waiting is the hardest part. I’ve got a few toys to play with in the meantime!

I actually went back and forth on this one. In three uses, I got zero irritation or nicks. For that reason, I wondered if I should go with the + and chase a closer shave, even if just incremental, and feel confident that it couldn’t go from harmless to homicidal in one step.

That said, I don’t need any closer than this produced for me, so why tempt fate? As such, the standard was the play for me. Plus, as I get more “keepers,” I’m trying to have some separation where possible. While still plenty smooth, the Vector Ti is more efficient than this razor for me. So, it stands to reason that taking another step in the efficient direction could make them too similar. I don’t believe in the one razor to rule them all. Not for me at least, because even if one existed, I’d still want to mess about.
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B&B membership has its percs
The razor was received here today in fine order! It is a beautiful design, as someone already noted it has a substantial heft to it -

Fit & finish are excellent - I like the handle despite it being longer than I normally prefer. I fitted it with a Feather Super Pro blade that was already here. The shave was solid, though I had the normal (for me anyway) AC difficulty around the Adam's Apple area. I also noticed it didn't seem to be able to get far enough up under the nose on a North to South pass for the lip. It was in my mind noisier than I am used to with that format (I have used a number of them over the years, and use an Above the Tie SE on a regular basis).

I'll try a different blade for the next shave.

La Faulx Pass Around List.
1. GlazedBoker - Completed
2. Rudy Vey - Completed
3. Rocket 1 - Completed
4. Elliot - Completed
5. Garyg - In hand testing
6. johnnylighton


B&B membership has its percs
For my second session of the Scythe I went with a new Schick Proline from the passaround. The shave was essentially the same as that received prior with the Feather Super Pro blade. Still another DFS, same problem getting under the nose though. It remains noisier than my other AC format razor, but noise isn't bad. I was curious about the nose reach issue, so took a close look at the two razors - in profile the safety bar of Le Faulx extends noticeably further out than the ATT. (The caps create less of a difference than it seems from the perspective created by the angle of my snapshot.) Maybe that serves to keep the blade from really getting up there? Maybe I've a weird lip to nose ration ..

The picture shows what I mean, albeit poorly focused. Both razors are equipped with the same Proline blade. Le Faulx on the right just projects more ..

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