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Krona vs Flare Tip

So, I bought two "new" razors in the last couple of weeks: a 1964 Gillette Flare Tip and a 1964/65 Schick Krona. Both mild razors, which I prefer. I've always figured they'd be very similar, boy was I wrong. Even using the same blades, either a Feather or 7 O'clock black, the Krona consistently gives me better, closer shaves with far less irritation.

Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe the longer handle on the Krona just fits me better. From everything I've read, the Flare Tip is a great razor, but I'm not finding that so. I think that I'll be selling the Flare Tip once I get enough posts...

A great lesson in finding out what works for you, two Razors in a similar style and age both could possibly be expected to perform in a similar manner and you are able to pick out something about one of them which works better for you.

Good work. Hope it keeps on working.
For me this is a perfect example of YMMV as for me the flare tip provides consistently better shaves than the Krona. So much so that I have been considering getting rid of my Krona but I think Ill just keep it as a part of my collection but remove it from my rotation. I find the Krona almost too mild and it clogs with soap before i can even complete a pass. Its not horrible for me, but it isnt up there with many of my other razors. I wish I could get it to work like you have. Perhaps I just have to experiment a bit more.
I'm finding this more and more while learning the trade, and that's what I love about DE shaving, it's completely customizable to the shaver. What works for me, and what I like, may not work for anyone else, but instead of trying to fit everyone into one product, you can fit the products to you! I wish everything was like this. Thanks!
I guess I'm not the only one then who likes the Krona better than the Flare tip.

I think, and I've seen others make the same remark, that the Krona is very under rated. It wasn't even on my radar, but I found a good deal and tried it. I actually got a letter model, with the black tip in the deal as well that I have to try out.
Krona is a good razor.

The longer handle is a plus over the SS.

Worth a try, even if you are shaving with something you already like, SS or not.

Since I do like a long handle, and I like Gillette, I prefer a Slim to either!
I prefer the Krona to the SS, as well. Much more intuitive, smoother shave for me.

Having said that, although I still have one Krona and two Superspeeds, I haven't used either of them in months.
I prefer the Krona to the Flair Tip. I just like the way the Krona shaves Much Better.

I also Love the longer handle.

That being said, nothing boosts my razor-cleaning-confidence More than to find a crusty Flair Tip, in the wild, and bring it back to looking like it is Brand Spanking New!!.....They Do clean up Nice!!.........

So, Love to look at the Flair Tip, but, enjoy the shave of the Krona more.
I have both, and I like them both. As far as which one is better, I cannot say. They are just different and both do a great job for me.
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