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Kouros vs Pinaud Special Reserve

I recently opted to get some clone oils rather than samples of popular colognes. The gamble wasnt a total success, as the strength of them leaves something to be desired. But there's tons of it, so it works as a moisturizing skin scent.

The clone of YSL Kouros is particularly fascinating, mostly because the drydown is almost identical to Clubman Special Reserve. Can anyone verify whether this is the case with the real stuff?
If SR has the scent of a urinal cake, then maybe. I have never smelled SR, but I highly doubt there are any similarities between the two. If you go look up Kouros on Fragantica or Basenotes you'll find a lot of comments on the unique scent of Kouros. I love Kouros and hope to always have a bottle within easy reach.
It must have been an illusion of the clone oil. I bought the real deal today. They got certain parts of it right, but the base was mistranslated. Their base was like SR, which actually smells pretty good, but Kouros is infinitely more complex. It smells like an 80's modern interpretation of Aramis to me. But the perfumer went and did something unexpected by putting that really floral scent up top to juxtapose the beast in its base. Very original, even for today.


I can't see that there's any resemblance at all between the two, other than that I don't like any of them these days.

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No! No! No!

Kouros is like clean dirty linen. SR is a war-winning, leathery ... Just buy both.