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There are unwritten rules as how to behave when interacting with customers regardless if you're selling goods or services. Among those rules is to never ever talk bad about your competitors. As my paternal grandmother taught me: If you don't have anything good to say about someone it's better to keep silent. Personally I have found that a silent, or very neutral response, is fully understandable by most clients and even make them respect you for your integrity. I have of course attended meetings where people have talked bad about their competition and it never fails to lower the appreciation of the speaker and his offer.

So what the seller did was to talk badly about Koraat (me knowingly not a knife maker) he doesn't seem to know anything about and thus making you (and the respondents to this thread) questioning his business and not Koraat.

Just for the record: I do appreciate the two Koraat razors I've got.
Yes exactly
One of the things I like about my employer of the past 22 years is their sense of integrity. Part of that is the message that when speaking with customers, try not to say anything bad about a competitor - focus on saying positive things about OUR products instead.
Well to be frank that person/vendor should know better than slate another makers work, and to state there are flaws is total rubbish Ulrik is a top-class maker that would never send you a razor that had flaws in it.

I will go as far as to say Ulrik knows more about razors than the vendor, I had a custom made razor from Koraat and I am very happy with it and it will be passed on to my son and I hope he passes it on to his son and so forth.

This was the one I had made and Ulrik did an outstanding job

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Sweet Son of our Saviour. That is incredible detail. Unbelievable.
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