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Koken Legacy

Amazing that these barber chairs are still being produced, albeit in Japan. Originally made in St. Louis, Ernest Koken was the developer of the First hydraulic & steel barber chair in 1909. The Koken barber chair was the first chair which came with a footrest and a cushioned headrest. The armrests, headrest, and seating were all made with 100% leather with super thick padding.

The company now is a subsidiary of Japanese manufacturers Takara-Belmont: http://beauty.takarabelmont.com/

FYI, the current Koken Legacy starts at $4700 and that is the Vinyl version, Leather will cost you a few bucks more...also comes in Black

Retro Redefined.

Turn heads with the clean lines and shiny chrome of a classic. Look to the past with an eye toward the future with the durability and design of the Koken Legacy Barber Chair by Takara Belmont.

Made in Japan, the Legacy offers features that will make a barber or stylists' job easier while offering supreme comfort to every client.

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