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Kobe's back!

I don't know if its a good thing for the Lakers but the fans sure appreciate it.

I'm sure Kobe wouldn't have come back without knowing that he is up to it. Hope he stays healthy for the season and the ones to come.
I like Kobe and I'm happy he's "back," but the idea that he was ever really gone is sort of silly to me. He got injured at the very end of the regular season and missed a month and a half of this season. Nobody played basketball over the summer, because the season was over, so the guy missed about 19 games. He was hardly gone.

I do hope that he's able to return to form and play well. The NBA is better with him in it.
An Achilles injury is one of the worst in sports. So the fact he could come back so soon is something.

Still not on form but I think once he gets confident about his foot he will be the killer on court we all know.
broke a bone already (but, true to form, stayed in the game and kept playing) ... will be out six weeks
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