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Knotted Brush

I noticed an odd situation today, would be grateful for advice from more experienced shavers. My brush, a Parker best badger, has a knot or rats nest in the center. I shaved with the brush this morning, in the usual way, without difficulty, and noticed the problem this evening. Any ideas regarding the cause or remedy?

Thanks for your attention.
Here are some pics of the problem with my brush. What a mess!


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I was thinking of using hair conditioner, to get the tangles out. But I'm still at a loss to understand why it happened.
I would vinegar soak first to remove hard water mineralization. Then into the shower with the conditioner and a very gentle comb.
This looks very consistent with many of the vintage brushes I have found over the years. I have come to conclude that this kind of knotting/hair damage/buckling happens as a result of excessive pressure used. If you push the brush down with a lot of force on a soap puck or in a scuttle you can cause this to happen. It can also happen as a result of excessive pressure on the face. This pressure combined with the twisting motion of the brush can cause damage like this. I try to never push my brush more than half of its possible travel when lathering.This has kept all my brushes in really nice shape but I cant say I have any hard evidence on the fact.

I would let it dry, comb it out and then be a little easier on it.

This happened to my first brush as well. It was a $35 Heinrich L. Thater brush that came with the wet shaving "kit" I got with my first razor about a month ago. First time I used it I smashed the loft all the way down on my head (I'm a head shaver only) and flattened the brush out, and proceeded to lather in small circles. Knotted it up pretty good, and I actually ended up just pitching it and buying a new one. Good thing I got cheap stuff at first, so I could ruin it and THEN learn how to use it the right way haha. Stupid mistake, but my new brush has been great, and is still in great shape. I can't give any advice as to how to fix it, just figured I would share that the same thing happened to me, and it was due to flattening out the loft and lathering in circles.
Looks like user error. How hard are you pressing? I was told to use no more pressure than you would use when you use a pencil to write with. Which is not much at all. Your face will thank you! And I guess your new brush will when you buy it because it looks like this one is a goner.
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