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Knots that everyone should know?

Sheet Bend
..there's a hitch I always use to tether my dog or secure a load (like roman curtains) and thought it was called a horse hitch, but can't confirm that anywhere.. if anyone can follow my terrible description, it's a hitch that is tied by pulling a bight over something stable, like a rail, pulling another bight from the loaded end through the first bight, and pulling a third bight from the free end through the bight from the loaded end. It secures whatever animal or object pulls against it and releases by just tugging the free end. This is probably the knot I tie most often.. well except the "turquoise turtle" which I use to tie my shoes..
Taut Line Hitch
Two Half Hitch
Clove Hitch
Square Knot
Hay Hitch (not sure if that's the proper name or not)

Those 6 knots have served me in 99% of the situations I've ever encountered.
If you only learn to tie one knot, make it a bowline. Most useful knot ever.

I see alot of people metion a square knot (reef knot). I'd like to mention that the square knot is the most commonly misused knot and has killed more people than any other knot. A square knot should only be used as a binding knot, NEVER as a bend.
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