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knot removal

so i need to take shedding knot from a recently purchased handle. i was looking at a way to do it and found 2 ways. the first being cut the hair as close to the handle as possible, then use a drill to get the knot out of the handle. the second is to put the brush in a steam bath for about 30 min and that should loosen the epoxy to more easily remove the knot. i have brushes i want to do this to, one cermaic handle and one resin handle. i just want to make sure that i dont screw things up thanks for any help you guys can offer!
Ceramic handle might be same to steam. I would use mechanical means (dremel) to get out the resin one and steam can do weird things to plastics. But some work fine with steam, but imo it is better to err on the side of caution,
so i tried them with both, and both handles made it through the process perfectly! now i just need to get some knots that fit the handles (thats the easy part)
Yah, those are the two best know methods I also have been considering what to do, it's a tough one. Did you see the photos of the gent who steamed an older handle and ruined it? Too bad it was a nice handle. Makes me think I would just cut off the hairs and drill then sand or grind the rest out with a dremel.
i didnt see those photos, but im not sure that i would be comfortable doing the steam method with an older brush. im just happy that it worked for the two that i tried it on :thumbup:
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