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    About 4 years ago when I was first starting my traditional wet shaving journey, I bought a cheapie badger brush on the ‘bay (like $6 from China). The brush itself was terrible (very floppy) but I’ve always liked the handle. Recently I’ve decided rather than let it sit and do nothing, I’ll just replace the knot with something I’ll actually use/like. Just today I looked up how to remove the old knot using steam (worked like a charm) but now I must find a new knot to put in it. I’m thinking a boar knot is what I’d like to use. I have an Omega 11137 and a Semogue Excelsior 830. I like them both so I’d like something similar to one of those. Also the opening to the handle is 20mm wide and about 12mm deep. As I’m not really a “handy” guy I don’t plan (read: don’t know how) to make it deeper than that. Do I want a 18-19mm knot or would a 20mm work? Also would epoxy be a good choice for adhesive?


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  1. I will let more knowledgeable people give advice on knots. But wanted to know if that is a solid metal handle.
  2. It is indeed a solid metal handle.
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    Omega knots come out of their plastic handles without much trouble ,
    just saying if you like that knot you could go that way. 20180317_141514.jpg
  4. It was worth the price for just the handle.
  5. Beautiful handle. 20 mm knot will not work. 19 mm might depending on how big the "swell" is (where the knot is wider about 3 mm to 5 mm above the disc. Trouble is you really can't tell until you have a knot in hand. It is really easy to open up the hole with a Dremmel drum sander and if you have any handy friends they may be able to help you out.

    That beautiful handle screams for a high end badger knot. My recommendation would be a 19 mm ACE finest. If you lived near me I would offer to help you with it.
  6. 18-19mm knot is what you need. Epoxy is a great adhesive, but you might use silicone to try it at a few different depths before you finalize it. Use washers or coins to adjust the depth.
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    Great handle for the price. Please show us the finished product when you are done.

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