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Knockoff Colognes

Been hitting the local dollar stores.

Dollar General:
7 x Barbasol Pacific Rush AS - $1.75
1 x Barbasol Pacific Rush ASB - $2.25
1 x Dollar General "Classic Splash" (Brut knock off) - $3
1 x Swan Arctic Blue (Aqua Velva knock off) - $2

Family Dollar:
6 x Ivy Club Spice (made by Vi-Jon) after shave - $1.60

Dollar General:
"Our version of" Polo Black - $1
"Our version of" Polo Explorer - $1
"Our version of" Drakkar Noir - $1
"Our version of" Acqua di Gio - $1
"Our version of" Swiss Army - $1
These are the JPP cologne knock offs with exception of the "Acqua di Gio".
They had an absolute TON of knock offs there, for both men and women. Dolce and Gabanna, Polo black, blue, and explorer, Tommy, Swiss Army, Cool Water... must have been 10 more too.
picked up some "Aqua H20" (Acqua di Gio) at big lots today for $3.50. Good Stuff! :thumbup1:

Coincedently, it's made by the same folks that make the Polo Black clone I like so well. It's called Preferred Fragrance, out of New York. I tried to find a website, but all I found was reports of lawsuits on google. :lol:

They have a Sean John Unforgettable clone I may snag the next time I go by Big Lots. I think someone also mentioned a Ed Hardy clone ('Inked') that they also make. I sniffed it out at Dollar General, but it wasn't my style of scent. It was well made for a knockoff, just not my thing.
In style fragrance sold at walgreens have many premium knock offs. Recently picked up unforgiveable and Cool water . Like them both maybe Unforgiveable more but it just doesnt seem to last. 2 bottles of 3 oz each for 12 bucks was too hard to pass up during the sale. They usually 12 bucks a bottle. Cant beat the price for nice smelling juice.
The company Parfums de Coeur makes some rather good "imposters" that smell nice and have staying power. http://www.parfumsdecoeur.com/Catalog.aspx?SC=652

They're labeled "Designer Imposters", but what gets me are the names they come up with...

For example, Eternity by Calvin Klein is called "Tahoe"; Sean John Unforgivable is "Bring It"; Ralph Lauren Romance is "Being Together", and Cool Water is "Fresh Xtreme". You can usually pick up a 2 oz. bottle of cologne at your local Wal-Mart or Target for around $8. They make deodorant body sprays, too, if that's what you like.
The "Classic Match" line by Belcam is considered a gold standard by many for knock-offs. I haven't tried it yet but hear their version of Drakkar is 95% the same, and some consider it closer to the original formulation than what's currently in production. Others could comment more on this.
Based on this thread, I stopped at Dollar Tree and bought their supposed knockoff of Ed Hardy. Smells good, well see how it goes but for $1....👍🏻


Many years ago I had a case with a company that made scents for perfume companies. The president of that company admitted that the difference in the cost to make a $200 fragrance was not that much more than a fragrance selling for $25. He said first the profit margins on fragrances are astronomical having huge markups when sold to manufacturers and then to retailers, and then to customers. He also said the bulk of the cost in the higher cost fragrance is packaging and advertising.
I have several of the Belcam’s from Walmart. Not sure how close they are to the originals, but i like the scents, so I’m satisfied. Some may, or may not, last as long as the originals, but for $8, hard to beat.


I use, and really like, several of the Belcam fragrances. Do they smell exactly like the fragrances upon which they are purportedly based? Don't know. They smell great on their own and are, in my opinion, a bargain.

Cool Water is a knock off of Green Irish Tweed.
Pierre Bourdon developed both GIT and Cool Water. They are different, but similar for sure.

As for the original question—I also agree with the Belcam clones. I’ve used the Polo Blue, Sauvage, and Drakar clones and the side by side test they are all like 95% there. The Belcam clones tend to have better longevity on me, though
In all honesty there isnt alot off half decent knock offs for men here sadly most smell like toilet spray lols..ill have to do another run into town go around sniffing some more bottles maybe they have new stock by now..plenty for women though that dont smell to bad
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