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Knife Rack Disaster!!!

I thought I'd try hanging my straights on a magnetic strip knife rack for storage.
Unfortunately, the sturdy work of the Victorian Sheffield craftsmen meant that one of their chunkier razors was too heavy to be supported by the strip and it fell off.
Very very fortunately ( and I am really grateful for this) the falling blade didn't cause any injury but just bounced into the sink, taking a chip out of the toe and causing a translucent stress mark in rhe horn scales ( I didn't know horn did that).

So has anyone got some novel but less hazardous and damaging suggestions for storing straights so that they are secure but also on display?
I'll bet some rare earth magnets would cure that problem.

I can't display mine, I keep them under lock and key in a sweet antique razor box (kids). The box is more or less on display in our master bathroom, in the corner, behind the hair dryer. :)
the edges of straights have always impressed me as being incredibly fragile. I would be afraid of dulling an edge by placing it on a magnetic strip.
Anyway, storing them in the bathroom for display is not a very good idea unless they are stainless steel.

It depends on the bathroom.. My home has 4 bathrooms of various sizes and each are well ventilated and very dry. I still don't store mine there, but I think I'd be okay..
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