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KitchenAid Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder - Inside look

After resetting the burr, captured particle sizes across the different grind settings. For easier comparison, I attempted to capture photos from same angle/distance (close but not exact, as I didn't lock down the tripod tilt) and resized images at exactly the same scale before cropping the end results to post here. Or to say another way, the dimensions of the cropped images are not the same, but the objects in the photos are roughly at the same scale. The pink number was the grind dial setting. Starting from finest (8) to mid-point on the dial (4.5)

Coffee used in this grinder comparison. It was roasted sometime fall of 2011, but pretty much undrinkable to me.
I was surprised by how much coffee build up occurred over 5 days of usage since last cleaning. This does include the extra runs used for the grind size comparison test, but I guesstimate only 8oz of coffee have been run through this mill since the previous cleaning. A lot of this build up looks to be from using the finest grind setting with a freshly roasted coffee. There are a lot of small coffee particles packed in and it was more difficult to clean out than before.